What Is A DEFRA Approved Wood Stove?

The acronym stands for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This government agency in charge of ensuring that all wood stoves meet certain safety standards to protect the environment.

DEFRA approved wood stoves are certified by an independent testing organization to be compliant with national emission limits for particles, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

The DEFRA approved wood stove is a fireplace that helps to meet the strict guidelines set by the environmental agency. These stoves can be used both in and outdoors, and they are often found in many homes across Europe. There are some great benefits to using these types of wood stoves, but it is important for homeowners to know what makes them so special before buying one for themselves.fireplace

What Is A DEFRA Approved Wood Stove?

A DEFRA approved wood stove is a device that is sold in the United Kingdom. It is one of several different types of stoves and heating devices for homes across the country. This particular type of heater has been around since 1990, when it was created by an Act from Parliament to monitor all smoke-producing appliances (DEFRA stands for Department For Environment, Food & Rural Affairs).

  • The DEFRA approved wood stove is considered a cleaner and greener way to heat your home. It’s particulate emissions are lower than that of other stoves, such as the NFU (National Farmers Union) one – which hold an 80% market share in the country. By using this type of appliance you can expect up to 50% less smoke from your chimney!
  • While it does cost more money upfront for installation equipment and parts, due to its superior efficiency over traditional models; cost savings will be seen on bills at the end of each month after usage begins (you may even qualify for green energy funding). This extra investment can pay itself back within two or three years depending on what type of fireplace insert you choose and how much you use it.
  • This type of heater is the most ideal for homeowners who rely on wood burning to heat their homes (it’s not recommended or efficient if used with other fuels). You will need a flue collar kit, air kit and log lighter kit – all available at your local fireplace center.
  • The DEFRA approved stove can be custom made to fit into any existing fireplaces in the country; even those that are listed as historic monuments! It comes in different types of styles (including traditional) and colors like black steel, stainless steel and copper finishes depending on what best fits your home decor. From contemporary Italian design to Victorian style stoves there are options out there for everyone! If you don’t have an existing fireplace in your home, you can have one installed when the stove is being set up.
  • If you’re looking for a better way to heat your home that’s efficient and reduces smoke output – then consider an DEFRA approved wood stove! It’s significantly cheaper than other heating appliances like pellet burners or gas stoves; it just requires more upfront investment before installation occurs (and of course electricity during use). However this makes it very cost effective on energy bills at the end of each month.
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Why Does A Wood Burning Stove Smoke?

A wood burning stove will smoke when it is not properly maintained, the chimney isn’t clean or there are cracks in the flue. It may also be caused by too much soot building up on your glass door and restricting airflow. If you aren’t getting enough heat out of your stove then this means that some hot air is escaping through unburnt fuel particles – which causes black smoke to pour from your chimney, leaving a heavy smoky smell behind as well. After all, what good does stoking more logs into an already smoking fire do?

A DEFRA Approved Wood Stove is a wood burning stove that has been tested and approved by the Department of Energy & Climate Change. These stoves have passed emission tests, meaning less smoke will emit from your chimney which helps to reduce air pollution in our towns and cities. It also means you won’t be fined for excess emissions as long as you use it correctly!fireplace

The test results are available on the manufacturer’s website or alternatively contact them directly to find out more information about their DEFRA approved range of products.

If there isn’t any statement regarding its approval then it may not meet these standards and could potentially cause harm to people who live close enough to detect higher levels of air pollution – such as those with breathing difficulties, asthma and children.

Environmental Protection

  • The DEFRA approved wood stove not only protect the environment and human health, but also can reduce your heating costs.
  • Besides, many people choose to install DEFRA-approved wood stoves because they are much easier to maintain than other types of burning appliances.
  • There is no point in having a modern appliance that fails at its job due to poor maintenance practices.
  • A DEFRA approved wood stove can be installed by a professional or you could do it yourself.
  • However, if you are not familiar with this type of appliance, we recommend that you hire an expert to perform the installation for your safety and convenience.
  • We have been selling and installing these products since 2001, so we know what works best in order to get the most out of your heating system without compromising on quality and performance standards.
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Safety Tips

  • Keep all wood and kindling in a safe dry place. The garage is not good enough!
  • Ensure your chimney has been swept at least every year by a professional, or more often if possible. This will help to reduce the risk of fires and blockages. If you do get a fire hazard due to problems with the flue take action immediately before it becomes an issue for everyone.
  • Clean up any spills straight away. Don’t leave them until they have dried out as this can lead to spontaneous combustion which could cause serious damage such as cracks in walls or floors that can be very difficult and expensive repairs. Make sure things like paper towels are kept well away from flames so there is no chance of burning while you are cleaning up.
  • Make sure you have the right fire extinguisher for the type of fire that will break out in your house. This includes a multipurpose dry powder or carbon dioxide (CO₂) extinguisher, and one with an A rating on it. If you need to get rid of anything flammable like paint thinners etc then make sure they go straight outside!
  • Only burn seasoned hardwood which has been cut properly leaving at least 12mm thickness remaining all around. The wood should be stacked off the ground where there is good airflow around each piece, but still allowing water to drain away if it happens to rain while drying.


What Is A DEFRA Approved Wood Stove?

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or the 'DEFRA' is a government department in charge of environment issues within England. They are responsible for approving many things that relate to wood burning stoves including stove efficiency, smoke emissions etcetera. When purchasing an appliance such as this it's important you understand how its performance has been tested against their guidelines because these will be well documented on any product registered with them. Their job is to ensure your home remains clean if installed correctly therefore make sure they provide certification before picking one up!

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What Is DEFRA?

DEFRA stands for Department of Evironment, Food and Rural Affairs. It is the department which oversees natural resources in England. The majority of this work takes place outside of London, within regional offices or via local authorities closer to nature parks and conservation areas. For example: Lancashire County Council covers a large portion of northern England including North Yorkshire and Cumbria; Oxfordshire District Council includes Gloucestershire & Herefordshire; Bristol City Council looks after much of south-west based around Somerset & Avon counties...etc., etc.. DEFRA works with a wide range of partners, from local action groups to wildlife charities and other government departments. DEFRA is the driving force behind much of what takes place in England's countryside, which also includes forests (for example: The Forestry Commission).

Why Is A DEFRA Approved Wood Stove So Important?

A wood stove that has been approved by Defra means it meets strict standards when it comes to emissions output – particularly harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide; both which pose serious health risks. However, there are many people who still believe all wood stoves require approval before they can be used; this isn't true! Many homeowners choose not to use an approved stove because they believe it will be too expensive; however, there are plenty of affordable DEFRA approved stoves on the market today.

What DEFRA Approved Wood Stove Types?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to DEFRA approval. There's an array of different types which come in many shapes and sizes – some even have multi-fuel capabilities so they can use gas or liquid fuels as well as wood! The most common type you'll find is a freestanding stove with a combustion chamber at its base where logs are placed for burning...etc.


In conclusion, a DEFRA approved wood stove is a secondary heat source that many homeowners use to supplement their gas or electric heating systems. For those who want a more environmentally friendly way of providing warmth and comfort from the cold winter months, these stoves are becoming increasingly popular for both homes and businesses alike.