About Fred Jackman

Hi, I’m Fred, and welcome to my website. For years now, I have been using traditional open fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Recently, I invested in a pellet stove for my home. The benefits of a pellet stove are that you don’t need too much maintenance or time to keep it going as the pellets burn efficiently all on their own. And they make far less smoke than wood fires do!

Professional Summary

Fred Jackman has been a chimney cleaner for over 40 years. He’s seen the ins and outs of the trade, but he continues to learn something new every day.

About Fred Jackman

He started out as an apprentice cleaning soot from chimneys that were too tall to reach with a brush. Fred would use his hand tools to remove the connecting pipe between the furnace and flue before using vacuum cleaners that automatically discharged into receptacles mounted on trucks to clean up after themselves while they cleaned the chimney pit.

Then it was time for Fred to get creative: He could make good use of his military training by lowering weighted bags down flues and withdrawing them when they expanded inside like scrapers during storms in order to clean them from above!

Work Experience

Fred Jackman is a chimney teardown and rebuilding specialist. He has been in the industry for over 40 years! In his downtime, he enjoys reading about other people who have been in similarly dire situations as himself because it helps him feel better about being alive today!

He’s also a masonry waterproofing and multi-flue cap installation expert, working safely on rooftops and handling extension ladders. Fred diagnoses problems well and works with others to solve problems. He excels at using tools and has basic knowledge of general construction skills.

Welcome to FireplaceTown.com

Fred Jackman is a fireplace expert. He started his website to share his past experience and knowledge about fireplaces with the world. Fred offers lots of valuable advice and writes great articles on his website for visitors who are looking for help or information.