How to Build a Firewood Shed?

A firewood shed is a must-have for any property in the country. It can store up to four cords of wood and also provides an area where you can stack your logs neatly. The process of building one is not too complicated, but it does take some time to complete. This post will walk you through the steps required to build a firewood shed on your property so that you have somewhere safe and dry to keep your trees for winter!

What is better than a nice, cozy fire on a cold winter night? Firewood sheds are an excellent way to store your firewood. If you want to learn how to build one for yourself, this post will tell you everything that you need to know!firewood

Tools Needed

  • Hammer
  • Saw (preferably a circular saw)
  • Staple gun and staples. If you don’t have one, use nails instead. Keep in mind that stapling wood is much more easier than nailing it which can be difficult without the right tools.
  • Drill with bits to drill holes on the floor of your firewood storage shed for drainage purposes if you choose not to build a slatted base system underneath your structure.
  • Nails or screws depending on what type of material you’re planning to use for walls and roofing materials.
  • Safety gear such as gloves, goggles, etc.
  • Slotted base boards: This will allow water from rain or snow melt drain away from your foundation. It’ll also allow the wood to dry out, which is important for firewood storage. You can purchase these boards at your local hardware store or cut them down from larger sheets of plywood if you don’t plan on building a big shed.
  • Wood: The most common types used are cedar and pine due to their resistance to decay and insects, but other woods such as redwood or fir will do fine too so long as they’re not in contact with soil (soil contains acid that breaks down wood over time). There’s also treated lumber available in stores nowadays, although it’ll cost more than regular untreated ones.
  • Nails or screws: depending on what type of material you’re planning to use for walls and roofing materials.
  • Metal sheets (optional): If your structure is going to be exposed, get metal sheeting that are at least 16 gauge thick because 12 gauges can easily bend when handled improperly during installation by yourself. If cost is a concern, thinner ones will do provided they have adequate support beams underneath them if it’s installed directly onto wooden wall studs which isn’t recommended without additional supports in place since the wood could buckle under the weight overtime especially with heavier snow loads during wintertime.
  • I’ve seen sheds built out of treated plywood but personally I don’t recommend this due to its low resistance against insect infestation which could damage the wood.

Materials Needed to Build a Firewood Shed

  • To build a wood shed, you need some basic tools like hand saw and circular saw. You also need hammer to nail the boards together as well as nuts and bolts for locking mechanism of doors. Some people might require electric drill too if they wish to make holes in an effective way.
  • The above mentioned list is not exhaustive. You may need some other things too depending on the design of your shed, but they will be basic for sure. For example: you might require a sawdust collector if it’s built near a wood milling machine or an air compressor to power up tools like nail guns etc. If you don’t know how to go about building one, there are many DIY videos available online that can give you further information regarding this topic. Of course, books are always handy!

Planning your Shed’s Size and Layout

If there are young children in the home, will they be safe around an open flame burning wood pile that could potentially reach over two stories high and burn down their house if it catches on fire. You can find many examples of different types of sheds online including ones with windows and doors so that extra light comes inside when needed. If this interests you, plan out how big or small each window would need to be depending on what stage winter is currently at (i.e., summer vs mid fall vs mid winter). You can also purchase a shed that already has windows and doors pre-installed.

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Building the Foundation for your Shed

Dig a hole to fit your shed’s footprint, about 12 inches deep. Fill the area around it with gravel or sand so water drains well. If you are not putting in concrete piers for your wood storage building, then ensure that this foundation is solid and level by using stones under the edges of the floor frame; if necessary add more soil on top of them (about five or six inches).

  • Place your floor frame on the foundation you have just built. If necessary, reinforce it with extra support beams underneath to keep everything sturdy and level. It would be a good idea at this stage to check that the sidewalls are square by measuring from corner to corner – if they’re not then adjust by adding or removing dirt until they are spot-on.
  • Cut the floorboards to size so they fit inside of the frame. Cover them with a layer of felt or tar paper, trimming it at any edges that don’t quite meet up. When you are satisfied with your work, nail down each board using galvanized nails which will last longer than regular ones under exposure to wet conditions.
  • Cut your sidewall boards to size and nail them down around the edge of the floor. If you have a window, measure it so that there is enough space for both sides of glass plus an inch or two on each side (for expansion). At this stage you should also add any extra crossbeams if necessary; these are usually placed in intervals according to how often they need replacing, but every three years would be adequate.

Placing the Walls on top of the Foundation

After digging the trench and placing the foundation, you would need to place your walls on top of it. Make sure that they are even with each other before nailing them together. You can then start attaching them at their corners by putting nails into every side of the wall paneling. The next step would be to build the roof.

Tips for Maintenance and Storage of Wood in a Firewood Shed

First of all, you should know that a large part of the work done by your shed is to protect firewood from poor weather conditions. If it gets wet, there will be no chance for wood on drying naturally and without any problems. And this leads to the fact that they will begin rotting more quickly than if they were protected properly. In order not to let water into the shelter during rain or snowstorms, use tarps with good quality seams – here another advantage of metal roofs comes in handy: They do not stretch under pressure! For a wooden roof covering just keep some spaces between bays open so that moisture can evaporate better at least immediately after heavy precipitation events.firewood

  • The second most important thing about using an outdoor storage facility is the control of rodents. For example, in a firewood shed with an open base you can protect yourself by using metal sheeting to cover the ground at least on one side (the inside) and check regularly if there are any openings through which these animals could gain access into your store.
  • Thirdly, it makes sense to use some kind of insulation for wood that will be kept outside or poorly heated rooms because this way they retain more heat over longer periods of time – even during wintertime! Use straw bales around individual logs or make long stacks of them next to each other; insulate the walls from all sides where possible (coverings made of different plastics work best). Another important point: Don’t mix too wet logs with drier ones because the latter will suck moisture from their neighbours and then dry them out.
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And finally: One should not forget about a well thought-out system of ventilation for your storage facility! During summertime, firewood needs quite some time to dry properly if it cannot release humidity into the air through evaporation – this is why you need good circulation inside the shed so that moist air can evaporate quickly again. Otherwise, wood gets moldy and rots easily as its basic properties such as weight or dimensions change because of water absorption (and these could lead to damages in furnaces). So make sure that there are no obstacles blocking vents on all sides; even better use automated windows made especially for this purpose!

Environmental Protection

Firewood sheds protect the environment by reducing pollution caused by deforestation. It is better than chopping down trees for firewood, which harms tree species and reduces their population. Firewood sheds offer a more environmentally-friendly way to manage your fuel needs without harming our planet in doing so.

Safety Tips

  • Have some clean rags nearby so that if one gets dirty during this process, it can be replaced with another one immediately without causing any delays in construction.
  • Be sure that all of the tools are put away safely before commencing this project. This is to avoid any accidents from occurring, which can be caused by misplacing or mishandling them during use.
  • Make sure there is enough room for you and your construction team to move around so they do not get injured while working on their designated tasks.
  • Make sure the area is clear of any obstacles or debris that might cause harm to anyone involved.
  • Make sure the area is clear of any sharp objects that might hurt someone before starting this project.
  • If you follow these safety tips, then your construction team should be able to work without interruption during this entire process.
  • Buy a good saw that can cut through wood like butter.
  • If you want to be sure of your future safety, then buy the right tools for the job. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about putting yourself in any danger when cutting down trees or building structures because all of the work will be done correctly and efficiently by using these proper power tools.
  • You need to build it on flat ground so that there is no risk involved with having an unleveled shed flooring which might cause damage over time while also making it difficult for anyone who uses it regularly.
  • You should always make sure to build it on ground level and not elevated off of the floor. This is to avoid any chances of injury that might be caused by falling debris or objects, which could land all over people who are walking around underneath your construction zone.
  • If you want a bigger shed for all of those firewood logs then just add another layer onto the front side as well as increasing its length so there will be enough room for everything without overcrowding the area where everyone needs to walk in order to get inside safely.


What is the minimum size I should consider for my wood shed?

You don’t need to build a huge building to keep your firewood. It depends on how much you use, but it will be enough if you divide your logs into two stacks. Make sure that each stack will fit under one roof with at least 12 inches of clearance above them for stacking additional future cords or pieces. The bigger space allows storage not only currently cut wood, but also cut wood in the future without rearranging anything manually. This way, there are no surprises when winter comes!

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What materials should I use to build my firewood shed?

It is better if you choose a material according to your preferences. You can bring in any components or tools that are available at the moment, but make sure they all fit well together and work for your needs. Don’t forget about safety issues! Firstly, check whether there will be enough ventilation inside so it won’t turn into an oven in summer heat when the door is closed. If you have several cords of wood then air circulation becomes even more important – don't suffocate your valuable resources! Secondly, besides good ventilation ensure adequate protection from rain because wet wood burns less efficiently than dry logs do. Thirdly, think about measures – this may be a serious issue if there are children at home. It is important to make it difficult for them get inside and play with firewood because their curiosity can lead to serious consequences!

How do I choose good lumber?

You should keep in mind that wood from trees grows stronger, but this doesn’t mean the same thing about the boards after they have been cut down into pieces. If you want your shed become stable and durable then use kiln-dried or green (freshly sawn) cedar planks which will last longer than other types of lumber such as pine logs. Cedar works well when combined together so don't hesitate to mix different species – just stay within similar hardness ranges Keep in mind that bigger boards are better than smaller ones because they will bring more stability into your construction.

How do I build a foundation for my firewood shed?

It is important to think about the foundation of your wood storage building because if something goes wrong then there will be nothing left from your great construction. The first thing that comes into our mind after we hear this word is concrete, but since we already live in 21st century and all kinds of changes are happening quickly around us – why not try any other material which has better properties than huge blocks made out of cement? At least give gravel or sand a chance! These two components work well together so don’t hesitate to use them as an alternative solution. If you want more reasons why they may become popular among people who like DIY projects then just keep reading below. Firstly, gravel and sand are much cheaper than concrete (especially if you buy them in bulk) so it is great for those who look for the most affordable solution; secondly, they work well with wooden structures because there is no need to use strong adhesives or binders like plaster of Paris which may make everything even more complicated; thirdly, these components provide good insulation against hot temperatures during summer days as well as cold drafts during winter nights – this means your firewood will be protected all year round!


There are many reasons why you should build a firewood storage shed. You can use it to store other materials like garden tools or even your lawnmower, but the main purpose of this structure is to keep all that wood dry and organized while making sure it’s accessible for when you need it. Whether you’re planning on building one yourself or hiring someone else to do the job, make sure everything is done correctly so there aren’t any issues later on!