How to put vermiculite in gas fireplace?

Questions & Answers about FireplaceHow to put vermiculite in gas fireplace?
Brenda Knutsen asked 3 years ago

How to put vermiculite in gas fireplace?

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Fred Jackman Staff answered 3 years ago

Vermiculite is a good insulation product for your gas fireplace. It keeps the heat inside and ensures it does not leave through chimney flues, which can lead to cold drafts in winter months.

Following these steps will help you put vermiculite in your gas fireplace:

– Remove old ashes from firebox. Sweep up loose ash residue that’s left behind if needed. Get rid of any kindling or other debris inside the box as well by using a poker stick to dislodge them so they fall outside of the unit when opening it. If there are significant amounts of fine dust or cinders present, use a soft brush attachment on an electric drill to remove this without damage before moving onto step two.

– Open the gas supply valves and turn them off by turning them to their “off” position or using a wrench (if available). Turn the control knobs on top of your fireplace’s chimney flue also right down to keep it closed while you work inside the unit. Make sure that each valve is either in its fully open state, or completely shut without any resistance before proceeding with step three. If they are not fully opened, this will allow for excess pressure build up when opening the firebox which can cause an explosion if there was some kindling still burning at all after putting new vermiculite insulation material into place within it!