How to install a pellet stove in an existing fireplace?

Questions & Answers about FireplaceHow to install a pellet stove in an existing fireplace?
Conrad Vanhorn asked 2 years ago

How to install a pellet stove in an existing fireplace?

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Fred Jackman Staff answered 2 years ago

Are you thinking about installing a pellet stove in your fireplace? Then this article is for you! This post will give you step-by-step instructions on how to install the stove, what tools are needed, and where to purchase them. The installation process takes about two days to complete. However, the benefits of having a pellet stove in your home are worth it!

One: The first step in the process is to remove all of the old fireplace equipment. This includes removing and disposing of brick, mortar, and refractory materials. After this has been completed you will need to measure the opening that was created when dismantling your fireplace.

Two: You can cut a new piece of sheet metal using tin snips or metal shears depending on what type of stove you purchased.

Three: Measure out an area for installing fireproof insulation by cutting it with a circular saw or jigsaw then attach it to wall studs with steel ties every 12 inches along both sides and top of inner jamb channel while leaving bottom open for air flow coming from underneath hearth pad.

Four: Attach door frame extender kit to studs using fasteners provided with kit.

Five: Slide stove into opening and secure it by screwing the frame extender onto bottom of stove.

Six: Attach top frame brackets to studs on either side of inner jamb channel (exact measurement will vary depending on your brand or type). Make sure that you check all screws for tightness daily after installation, once a month during winter months, and every six months in summer months.

Seven: Having trouble installing pellet stove? Check out this website! They offer step-by-step instructions along with videos that show you exactly how it’s done!