How to get birds out of fireplace?

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Martha Springer asked 3 years ago

How to get birds out of fireplace?

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Fred Jackman Staff answered 3 years ago

Many birds are attracted to the warmth of fireplaces. They will often fly in, get stuck, and then die. This is a very sad occurrence that many people have had to deal with before. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to prevent this from happening again!

– First, simply close the fireplace door. This will prevent any birds from getting in and potentially dying inside your fireplace. If there is a bird already stuck inside of your fireplace, you should definitely take this step before trying anything else!

– Next, place a towel or blanket over the front part of the firebox opening. You want to cover as much area as possible with something that won’t let heat escape but still allow air flow through it. Sometimes just closing off one side like what we said above isn’t enough as birds can easily fly up into an open chimney flue on its own accord – even if they were initially lured by warmth from another room within the house via an open bedroom window etc… They are quite ingenious at finding their way in.

– Next, you can take the fireplace screen that is usually found on top of your firebox opening and place it overtop of where you have put a towel or blanket to block airflow into the chimney flue. If this doesn’t work then consider using something like rolled up aluminum foil which will prevent birds from flying through but still allow draft to pass through without too much resistance. Aluminum foil also has an added bonus if there are small children in the home as they won’t be able to tear pieces off with ease! They will try though so keep an eye out for them when you go back inside your house after placing these items above mentioned around your fireplace entrance area.

– DO NOT attempt to scare the bird out as this can make things worse and lead to injury for both you and/or the bird! If it is a baby (young) then do not go near them! They are very protective of their young at times even if they don’t seem like it. Adult birds on the other hand will likely try to attack you or fly into windows etc… This isn’t something that should be taken lightly, so please keep safety in mind when trying these steps above mentioned. It may take several attempts before getting lucky with one method but eventually your persistence will pay off! These methods work most of the time & we have had good success over many years using these same techniques ourselves.