How to circulate heat from fireplace?

Questions & Answers about FireplaceHow to circulate heat from fireplace?
Ken Ham asked 3 years ago

How to circulate heat from fireplace?

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Fred Jackman Staff answered 3 years ago

-One of the best ways to circulate heat from a fireplace is through vents that are positioned below or nearby. If you don’t have any, then you should consider purchasing them! However, if your home already has these installed, make sure they are running properly so air can get pulled up and out of the home during cold weather.

-Another way to circulate heat quickly is by opening up nearby doors and windows. This can cause the fireplace itself to work harder, though! So be careful when doing this – only do so if you’re okay with it working a little bit more than usual.

-Lastly, you can put a fan in front of an open door or window. This will suck the hot air out faster than just opening up the door alone!

-If your fireplace is in another room, then it might be best to look into having vents installed there as well so heat can circulate throughout multiple rooms.

Vents that are positioned below or nearby help circulate heat from fireplaces. If not already present in one’s home, they should consider purchasing them! Opening doors and windows around a fireplace cause it to work harder so proceed with caution if doing so. Lastly, placing fans near open doors/windows sucks out hot air quicker than simply opening up said door or window by itself. Have vents installed when putting a fireplace in a different room to help circulate heat throughout multiple rooms.