How to Turn on Electric Fireplace

How to Turn on Electric FireplaceYou did it. You finally got that electric fireplace you had your eyes on. Now you’re wondering how to turn on an electric fireplace. Well, you’re not the only one who is wanting to enjoy their electric fireplace. We made a quick and easy how-to guide so you can get back to enjoying your electric fireplace with the hassle of how to clean up ash or worrying about a gas leak.

It’s important to note that some models may differ from our guide. While we have tried to incorporate everything you might encounter, have your user manual handy (or find one online) if these steps don’t work for you.

What you’ll need to turn on your electric fireplace:

  • The remote if the unit came with one
  • An electric outlet, preferably not an extension cord

1. Plugin the Electric Fireplace

How to Turn on Electric FireplaceGet your electric fireplace in the position and place you would like it to be. Ensure that it’s not touching or too close to anything that could become a fire hazard. Plugin the electric fireplace and double-check that the socket is also switched on. If you’re ever having trouble turning on your electric fireplace, make sure that the socket hasn’t been flipped. If it has, push the restart button and try again. It will be sticking out but should stay pushed in once you do so.

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2. Turn on the Electric Fireplace

Take a look at the control panel on the electric fireplace. Flip the main power switch. Some electric fireplaces have a flame effect switch that is separate from the main power switch. If your model is like that, make sure that one is flipped up to the “on” position as well.

If your unit came with a remote, you’d be able to turn on the electric fireplace from there directly. If the remote isn’t working, check the electric outlet or try to use the knobs and switches on the electric fireplace unit itself.

3. Adjust the Electric Fireplace’s Brightness

Some models have a knob that controls the fire’s brightness and height level. Turning this dial to the right will increase the flames and their brightness while turning it to the left will diminish it. Find a setting that is to your liking. If other switches control any flame effects, at this time, you can flip those switches to find a setting that creates the heat or ambiance you are looking for.

4. Sit Back and Relax!

How to Turn on Electric FireplaceNow that you’ve turned on your electric fireplace sit back and relax! If you have a model that requires you to manually flip the switches when you want to turn it off, make sure you do so before going to bed or leaving the house. When you’re done, for added security and to prevent energy waste, make sure to turn off your electric fireplace and unplug it from the wall.

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When I turn the brightness all the way down, there are still flames; how do I turn it off?

Some models are made so that you have to turn off the flames for them to be extinguished. Alternatively, some models can remain on while the flames are out.

Do electric fireplaces use a lot of energy?

Electric fireplaces use about the same amount of energy as your standard space heater. They are a great alternative as they will still heat your small space and provide great ambiance.


Fireplaces are a joy to have, and when you move into a small space without one, it can leave much to be wanting when the cold weather sets in. Electric fireplaces are a great alternative to using space heaters. They use just as much electricity, so you don’t have to worry about a high energy bill, but they don’t come with any of the mess and clean up that an ordinary fireplace requires.

If yours didn’t come with a remote, don’t worry! There is always a manual way to turn the unit on and off.

We want to see your favorite electric fireplace set up! Let us know what settings you like to set your unit to in the comments below. If you know somebody who recently got an electric fireplace, make sure to send this article to them so they can start enjoying their electric fireplace too!

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