How to Install an Electric Fireplace Insert? (Putting An Electric Fireplace In A Real Fireplace)

An electric fireplace insert is a great way to improve your home’s comfort and aesthetics. An electric fireplace insert can help you stay cozy on those cold winter nights, or enjoy the warmth of an open fire during the summer months. This guide will show you how to install one in your home!

Electric fireplace inserts are easy to install and can be done on a weekend. All you need is some basic tools, about 20 minutes of free time, and the instructions that come with your particular model of the insert. You’ll also want access to an outdoor power outlet or junction box for connecting it up inside. Ready? Let’s get started!

Can You Convert A Fireplace To Electric?

You can! If you have a fireplace that is closed in on three sides, meaning the backside of your chimney doesn’t have an opening to let out smoke, then it’s possible for you to convert it into an electric one. You will need some help from professionals though as this kind of transformation requires extensive knowledge about electrical wiring and venting systems.Masarflame 36'' Electric Fireplace Insert, Retro Recessed Fireplace Heater with Fire Cracking Sound, Remote Control & Timer, 750/1500W, Black

First of all, you have to remove the existing fireplace. This means that anything on top of it will need to be removed as well. Then, your electrician can install a heater inside with a venting system for proper air circulation and draft control. After everything is set up properly, you’ll want to get an electric log insert or stove-top kit if you are looking for something more affordable but still effective in creating the look of a real fire while keeping warm throughout the colder months!

And some other great benefits would include lower energy bills compared to traditional wood-burning stoves, no mess from ash or smoky rooms caused by chimney fires since there aren’t any flames involved here which makes the option safer especially when using children’s nightwear, and you can still use your regular flue system for ventilation so no additional installation is needed!

When it comes to the cost of converting a fireplace into an electric one, there are many factors that will influence this such as whether or not you want the insert to be recessed in with custom cabinetry which may add up to $2000 more on top of what’s already considered pricey. And then every other step from demolition and reconstruction might rack up hundreds or even thousands depending on how big your existing space is and if there were any obstacles along the way like ductwork needing adjustments. So without further ado, let’s get right down to some numbers:

  • Average costs: $3000-$15000+
  • Average installation time: one full day
  • Average electric bill savings per year (after conversion): $150-$400

Can You Put An Electric Fireplace Insert In A Wood Burning Fireplace?

Yes, you can put an electric fireplace insert in a wood-burning fireplace. The best way to do this is by using a screen that keeps the fire from coming into direct contact with the surrounding drywall and insulation materials. This will help prevent possible damage to your home while still allowing for warmth and ambiance on cold winter days or nights! In addition, it’s important not to block off any of your existing chimney flues when installing an electric fireplace insert.

Installing Other Types Of Electric Fireplace In A Real Fireplace

If you have a real fireplace, then the installation process is slightly different. And while some types of inserts can be installed in an existing hearth with tools present at most people’s houses, other insert styles require more extensive work.

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First, if your existing fireplace doesn’t already have a gas line running to it by the utility company, you will need to get that installed. This is typically an expensive upgrade and could range from $300-$1000 depending on where you live.R.W.FLAME 36" Electric Fireplace Insert ,Recessed Electric Stove Heater,Touch Screen,Remote Control,750W-1500W with Timer & Colorful Flame Option

If your hearth has been damaged or wasn’t built correctly for the safe use of a stove-style insert firebox, then there are also safety concerns with using this type in your home. If not properly installed, carbon monoxide can leak into the house creating health issues for everyone living inside. We recommend only purchasing inserts approved by both UL and CSA standards listed below:

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm! Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas given off by all burning appliances.
  • It is a chemical asphyxiant that displaces oxygen in the air. Levels of CO can rise to dangerous and even deadly levels when appliances are not working properly, installed incorrectly, or venting improperly.
  • All UL-listed gas fireplaces have been tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratories(UL). The fireplace must be certified with an “E” mark on the inside back panel indicating it has passed testing standards set forth by UL before being sold at retail outlets. In addition, all main components such as burner assemblies, controls, log sets, and hearth pads meet high-quality performance standards – also backed up through manufacturer’s labels found on these parts assuring their compliance to local building codes and ordinances governing installation requirements specific to your area.

The first step is to remove the old fireplace

Once you have removed all of the pieces, it is time to put in your new insert. The next step is attaching the blower and using a level to make sure that everything is straight. You will want to plug your unit into an outlet so that you can test out both heat settings as well as whether or not there are any problems with airflow before putting on bricks for insulation purposes.

Once this has been completed, simply fill up the back of your electric fireplace with more brick material until it fits snugly against the wall behind it if needed – by filling these gaps, you ensure maximum efficiency at two different levels: one being energy savings (which is the main reason for replacing your old fireplace) and two, so that you do not end up with any cold drafts coming through.

Finally, it is time to put on your decorative pieces! This includes adding some plants or other items in front of the unit (if desired), hanging picture frames on the wall around it, etc., until everything looks exactly how you want it to look.

When all of this has been completed, congratulations – you are done! You now have an electric fireplace insert which will allow you to enjoy a fire without having to worry about wood consumption rates or things like chimney maintenance costs though make sure that if there are children present within close proximity, they understand never touch anything glowing hot because even though these units may be safer than wood-burning fireplaces, they still get hot.

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A blog post with tips on how to install an electric fireplace insert! Remember that if you are unsure of what is needed for the process, it is best to ask beforehand so there are no mishaps along the way.

Next, you’ll need to install a mantel that will hold your new insert

Many inserts come with a pre-cut mantel or faceplate but you can easily buy one for an extra cost. When measuring your opening, make sure to measure the height of both sides and then add another inch on top so that it rests flush against the wall.

If you want the insert to rest against your wall, make sure that it is no more than an inch away from the back of the opening.

If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel already, then this step will certainly be necessary as well as buying a faceplate/mantel and installing it onto your existing surface or into a stud in between two walls if there are none behind where you’d like to place the new mantel.

A fireplace without any sort of mantle usually means that someone has installed one at some point but for whatever reason decided not to use it anymore. In those cases, I’ve seen people leave them attached thinking they had made extra work for themselves by doing so when all along could have easily removed what was left behind.

When it comes to the placement of an electric fireplace insert, you don’t want it too close to any walls because that’ll decrease your ability to get a good clear view and will also block out some heat from getting into other areas around it. To avoid this issue, measure about two feet in front and back so there’s enough room for people to see over or under them.YODOLLA 28.5" Electric Fireplace Insert with 3 Color Flames, Fireplace Heater with Remote Control and Timer, 750w-1500W,Classic Style

Also, make sure they’ve spread apart at least three inches on either side so there is no risk of fire damage if something were to fly between them such as someone using their hands or arms while playing with pets or children nearby! Finally, be sure that your mantel/faceplate isn’t placed directly beneath one of your existing beams running across the ceiling because that will put it in danger of being damaged or even catching on fire if you have an electric fireplace insert.

Choose an insert with high-efficiency ratings for heat output and energy consumption, which will save you money on your electric bills

  • The ratings for heat output and energy consumption should be the same or greater than your primary heating source.
  • Many inserts come with a built-in blower fan for efficient heat circulation, but if not you can use one to circulate the air and speed up healing.
  • The fireplace should be placed as centrally as possible (ideally near your primary HVAC system) to maximize efficiency and minimize loss of heated indoor air due to chimney draft or window leakage.
  • Once the wood fireplace insert is installed, you can begin enjoying it right away!
  • Measure the space where you want to have the fireplace installed so that it fits perfectly in its designated spot
  • Measure the area to fit a large insert, and then add a few inches on both sides for any overhang.
  • Be sure that you have enough wall space where your fireplace will be installed so there is room for ventilation between it and adjacent walls or other combustibles.
  • You’ll also need to know the width, height, and depth of your fireplace insert. Some inserts are pre-built with a specific size; others can be custom-built for you by an electrician or contractor after measuring the space where it will be installed.
  • Measurements should include all protruding parts like logs, pebbles, or any other decoration that is on top of the unit itself. Also, measure how wide both sides of the wall overhang outwards at least more than one inch (measure from the inside edge).
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If this is not possible due to obstructions such as beams in corners etc., then get measurements of these objects so they may have to be removed before installing the insert into its designated spot. This would mean that other objects, such as furniture may need to be removed.

For the installation of an electric fireplace insert in your home, you should consider hiring a professional contractor or an electrician that has experience with this type of project. While it’s possible for homeowners to install their own units, safety measures must also be considered while working on these projects so experienced help is always recommended when carrying out electrical work inside homes and buildings.

  • Measure all protruding parts like the log set or any decorations placed on top of the unit itself. Also, measure how far both sides extend by at least one inch (measure from inside wall edge). If not able due to obstructions like beams etc., then get measurements of them so they might have to be removed before installing the insert into the designated spot. This would mean that other objects, such as furniture might need to be removed.
  • For an electric fireplace in-home, consider hiring a professional contractor or electrician with experience carrying out this type of project; while it’s possible for homeowners to install units themselves, safety measures must also be considered when working on these projects so experienced help is always recommended even when doing electrical work inside homes and buildings.

Make sure there are no pipes or wiring running through this area of your wall before installing any inserts!Valuxhome Electric Fireplace, 36 Inches Fireplace Insert with Overheating Protection, Fire Crackling Sound, Remote Control, 750/1500W, Black

Electric fireplace inserts can be installed in minutes if you have the right tools. If not, it may cost much more time and money to hire professionals to install your insert for you. The first step is always cutting a hole in the sheetrock of your home! This process should only take around 15-20 minutes with an electric saw or reciprocating saw (sometimes referred to as a “Sawzall”). Make sure there are no pipes or wiring running through this area of your wall before installing any inserts!


Once you have installed your electric fireplace insert, it is time to enjoy the warmth and beauty of real flames. Electric fireplaces may not be as attractive or customizable as non-electric models but they are much easier to install!

If an electric fireplace isn’t what you were expecting, don’t worry because there are plenty of other types out there for you to choose from. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a different style than many people already have in their homes so go ahead and get something that will look great no matter how big or small your space is!