Best Wood Stove Door Handle (Buyer’s Guide)

If you are looking for the best wood stove door handle, then this article is for you. We will discuss how to choose a good one and why it might be important to have more than one of them on hand. If you are unsure about what wood stove door handles are, don’t worry because we will cover that as well!

Best Choice

The QuadraFire Wood Stove Door Handle (Model No. 0832-0540) is a simple, straightforward product that functions as it should and offers an affordable option to homeowners looking for the convenience of operating their wood burning stove without having to reach all the way inside. Furthermore, this model comes with its own mounting hardware so installation is simple.

Best Selling Wood Stove Door Handles

You might not think of the door handle as an essential part of your wood stove, but it is. The door handle can make all the difference between a frustrating experience and one that’s easy to use. It’s important to have a good-quality door handle that will last for many years to come. This article will go over some of the best options available on the market today so you can find what you are looking for with ease!

Best No. 1
Breckwell Pellet Stove Door Handle, A-H-KIT
  • Compatible these model Breckwell Stoves: P1000 Big E, P22 Maverick, P23 Sonora, P26 Cadet, P32i...
  • Fits many models. Some washers will not be used on certain models.
Best No. 2
2 Pieces 6" Steel Spring Handle 5" Wide Overall with 1/2" Steel Rod for BBQ Pits Trailers Custom Metal Projects Wood Stove Handles Replacement Grill Handle Barbecue Tool Sets for Cabinets Supplies
  • What You Will Receive: you will receive 2 pieces of barbecue grill handles; Enough quantity to meet...
  • Wide Range of Applications: grill handle can be applied to many places, such as, pits, fire places,...
  • Delicate Design: BBQ grill parts are designed to hold the handle in a safe position inches from your...
  • Reliable Material: grill handle replacement is made of all made of quality steel; Using this cool...
  • Easy to Install: BBQ handle is easy to install in a short time; You can use screws to install grill...

QuadraFire Wood Stove Door Handle

Product Description

The QuadraFire Wood Stove Door Handle (Model No. 0832-0540) is a simple, straightforward product that functions as it should and offers an affordable option to homeowners looking for the convenience of operating their wood burning stove without having to reach all the way inside. Furthermore, this model comes with its own mounting hardware so installation is simple.

The QuadraFire Wood Stove Door Handle (Model No. 0832-0540) is designed to fit on the right hand side of your stove and has a total length of 33 inches, including the mounting hardware that adds another six inches or so depending upon where you choose to put them on your stove. The handle itself is made from solid steel, making it a durable and long-lasting product that should last for years.


  • Simple, straightforward product that functions as it should
  • Affordable option to homeowners looking for the convenience of operating their wood burning stove without having to reach all the way inside.
  • Designed to fit on the right hand side of your stove and has a total length of 33 inches (including mounting hardware).


  • Mounting hardware not included (for this product)


Yes, especially for homeowners looking to operate their wood burning stove with a handle that is easy to hold and reaches all the way inside.

Breckwell Pellet Stove Door Handle

Product not currently available.

Product Description

Fits The Following Models: P1000, Big E, P20, P22, P23, P24. Please note that this product does not fit the following models: Liberty Pellet Stove (P30), Versa-Pak 500 & 600 Pellet Stoves (VP500 & VP600) and other Breckwell pellet stoves that have a door handle with the metal tab on top.

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Fits Pellet Stove Brands: Breckwell, Quadrafire and it may fit other pellet stove brands similar to these models. This product is not compatible with Hayward or Amish Fireplaces, nor any other brand of appliance.

This manufacturer offers a 90-day limited warranty. Please read the included instructions carefully before installation to ensure proper fit and functioning of your new door handle!


  • Fits multiple models of Breckwell pellet stoves.
  • Comes with mounting screws and installation instructions.
  • Manufacturer offers a 90-day limited warranty.


  • Package does not include a template to trace the mounting holes.


Yes. This product fits multiple models of Breckwell pellet stoves, comes with mounting screws and installation instructions, and offers a 90-day limited warranty.

Gooyoou 5 Stainless Spring Handle

Gooyoou 5" Stainless Spring Handle with 1/2" Steel Rod for BBQ pits Trailers, Custom Metal Projects, Custom Built Grills, Smokers, Pits, Wood Stoves,cabinets
  • Good for BBQ pits trailers , custom metal projects , Custom Built Grills, Smokers, Pits, Wood...
  • 5" BBQ smoker stainless spring handle.
  • 6" wide overall
  • weldable 1/2" steel rod (pre mounted spring)
  • Confirm the thickness of the door panel and the size of the opening. It can also be welded.

Product Description

Handles and Knobs of Gooyoou are made from good quality stainless steel. These handles can be easily installed on various kind of applications, such as: BBQ pits Trailers, Custom Metal Projects, Custom Built Grills, Smokers Pits Wood Stoves Cabinets etc.

Gooyoou handle is a fantastic and beautiful design and made with high quality materials. It is resistant to rust, corrosion and tarnish. Cycle tested for over ten thousand uses!

If you’re looking for a unique custom BBQ pit project or smoker then look no further than Gooyoou stainless steel handles!


  • made from good quality stainless steel
  • Gooyoou handle is a fantastic and beautiful design
  • cycle tested for over ten thousand uses!


  • none.


Yes! Gooyoou handles are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for you. They are high quality and will last long.

What is a Wood Stove Door Handle?

A wood stove door handle helps the user to open and close a wood burning fireplace. A lot of times, these handles come with locks that keep the doors closed while the fire is lit. They are usually made of metal and come in different shapes, styles, colors, and finishes.

When looking for the best wood stove door handle on the market today there are a few things that you should be aware of. First of all, you need to consider how much heat resistance is required by your fireplace doors because this will tell you which type of handle is right for you.

The most common style available on the market today is a loop-style wood stove door handle. This type of design provides users with easy opening and closing motions that also allow them to lock their doors when they are not using the fireplace. They come in sizes ranging from 18” – 32” and are available in a variety of finishes.

Other types of wood stove door handles include the glass-style handle, which is extremely heat resistant but does not have an option to lock it. The other type on this list includes single loop style handles that come with their own locking mechanism so they can be locked while burning without being opened.

The Different Types of Wood Stove Door Handles

There are three main types of wood stove door handles: internal latches, external latches and barrel bolts. The internal latch is attached to the door itself and requires installation by a professional or someone with access to welding equipment. While it doesn’t require much in terms of parts, this type of handle can be very expensive if you don’t know how to install it.

External latches are the most common type of handle and they can be installed in a variety of ways, such as with screws or nails depending on what’s available near your wood stove. You need at least two external door handles for each side of the door so that you don’t have trouble opening and closing your stove.

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The barrel bolt handle is the oldest design of door handles, dating back to ancient Egyptian times. These types of handles are typically located on both sides of a wood burning stove’s doors so that they can be easily opened from either side without any trouble at all. The only downside with this type of handle is that they are typically more expensive than other types of handles.

How to Install a Wood Stove Door Handle?

Other than the stove door, a proper handle is also essential for your wood burning appliance. The best way to install a new one on your old or new stove is as follows:

First of all, you have to open the hinges and remove the existing handle from both sides. Then you will need to clean up both holes with a wire brush to remove the old traces of screws and other objects.

After that, you can use a wooden stick as a substitute for the handle so you will know how it should look like on both sides. As soon as everything is lined up perfectly, drill holes through those sticks before removing them from your stove door. Once all this is done, you can use a universal handle to attach it on both sides.

Once the new handles are attached securely to your wood stove door, make sure that they’re easy to open and close without any effort or force needed. If everything looks good then all you need is re-inserting the hinges back where they belong.

And finally, after you brought your wood burning appliance back to its functional state by adding the new handle, make sure that all screws are tightened properly. You don’t want this door or any other part of it falling apart unexpectedly.

Considerations for Purchasing a Wood Stove Door Handle

There are several things to consider when you want to purchase one of those handles. A good handle will be made from the best materials and with the highest quality so it can last for a long time, as well as having great features such as being corrosion resistant or rust proof. If you choose something that is not up to standard, then your handle can easily break or be damaged when you least expect it.

Many of the handles are made from brass, which is a great material because not only does it look good but also because it has properties that make the handle durable and long lasting. On top of this, they have nickel plating so your stove will remain free from rust even if you live in a humid and rainy environment.

Some other handles are made from stainless steel, which is also resistant to rust so it will last for many years if you maintain it properly by wiping off any dirt or ashes that might be stuck inside the handle after each use. You should never leave water on top of your stove because this can cause corrosion.

A handle can also be made from cast iron, which is another great material that will last for years if it is well maintained. However, you need to remember that this type of metal gets extremely hot so make sure not to touch the top part when your stove is on because otherwise you might get burned. Also, depending on how often you use your stove, you might want to grease the joints so they don’t get stuck after a while.

It is also important that you purchase a handle with ergonomic design because this will make it easier for you to open and close the door of your wood stove. If the handle doesn’t have an L shape then it can be difficult to grip it with your hand, which can lead to accidents.

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Some other features that you might want to take into consideration are the weight of the handle and whether it has an anti-slip design so you won’t have any problems when using it in cold or wet conditions. The length is also important because if the handle is too short then it will be difficult to open the door, and if it is too long then you might hit your knuckles against the stove every time you use it.

Safety Precautions When Using a Wood Stove Door Handle

If you are using a metal handle, be sure to avoid touching the stove’s surface while holding this part. The heat that comes off of your wood stove can quickly cause burns if you do not wear protective clothing or gloves when handling it. If you have children at home, make sure they know never to touch the door with their bare hands.

The metal part of the door becomes extremely hot when you burn wood in your stove, so it is important to avoid touching this area with anything other than a gloved hand or oven mitt. The best way to ensure that children do not touch the handle on accident is by keeping them well-supervised around the fireplace and making sure that they do not have access to it when you are burning wood.

The metal handle will be extremely hot if you use your stove without any other protection on, so make sure that you wear protective gloves or oven mitts at all times while handling the door. Additionally, never let children touch this part of the fireplace with their bare hands, as they are likely to get burned.

Environmental Protection

Each stove door handle is made of a high quality material that can stop up to 500 degrees for more than an hour. This ensures the environment stays safe with our products in use and you won’t have to worry about accidentally starting your home on fire by touching it when it’s too hot after burning wood or logs for heat!

Be sure to choose a door with the highest heat resistance possible, your safety is important!

Safety Tips

  • After you purchase your new stove, never open the door until it has reached its full cooking temperature. Doing this can result in carbon monoxide poisoning and cause death if there is insufficient ventilation.
  • The best way to prevent this is by installing a top rated wood stove damper. This prevents air from entering and exiting the house so that your new stove can safely reach cooking temperatures without putting you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Do not leave outside doors open when using your older model stoves as it lets cold air into the house.
  • Do not use the stove to burn garbage, paper or plastic as it can release toxic chemicals into your home’s atmosphere.
  • People are living longer these days which means more older people in our homes, families and communities. With this comes increased risks for falls due to poor lighting, uneven flooring surfaces and clutter on floors.
  • Do not use combustible materials or leave furniture too close to the stove as it can increase fire risks.
  • Wood stoves are a top choice for heating your home but they come with their own set of safety concerns that you cannot afford to overlook. If these tips are followed, though, then you will be able to enjoy using your new stove without worrying about your safety and the well-being of others.
  • Do not use flammable liquids such as gasoline to start a fire in an enclosed space because it can produce deadly fumes that will cause death if inhaled.


Is a steel or iron door handle better?

Iron and steel handles are usually stronger than brass ones. On the other hand, metal can get too hot during stove usage causing burns to users who touch them.

Should I buy a glass or metal handle?

Glass handles are more aesthetically pleasing than their steel and iron counterparts. However, they can break if the stove gets too hot during usage. Additionally, some users claim that glass handles feel less sturdy than others made of different materials.

Is it okay to buy a stove door handle that does not match the color of my wood stove?

It is up to you if you want your handle to complement or contrast with the coloring of your stove. However, there are subtle differences between different colors and shades which can make picking out an entirely matching set difficult for some users.


The best wood stove door handle will be durable, rust resistant and can stand up to the heat from a hot burning fire. The handle should also have the ability to work in any weather conditions without becoming useless or dangerous. The top rated wood stove handles on this list are all great options that provide value for money and will last you years of use.