Best Pellet Stoves (Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your heating bills and improve the air quality in your home, then buying a pellet stove may be just what you need. Pellet stoves use sawdust pellets as fuel and they burn cleanly so there is less dust and ash than other types of wood fireplaces. Best of all, they are extremely efficient so you can cut down on those hefty utility bills! To help make sure that we find the best pellet stove for your home’s needs, we’ve compiled reviews of some of the top brands below.

Best Choice

Castle Serenity Stove 12327 Wood Pellet with Smart Controller
  • Reinvent the way you heat your home with Castle's Serenity wood pellet stove and new Smart...
  • The Smart Controller allows you to choose manual, thermostat, and weekly operational modes to heat...
  • As with any Castle Pellet Stove, you'll experience affordability, style, and practicality. Its...
  • The Serenity Stove is designed to be easy to clean - there are no tubes, corrugations, or hidden...
  • Operating Wattage 77 Watts (W), Voltage 120 Volts (V), Greater than 69.8% thermal efficiency, 1500...

The best pellet stoves are the most efficient and eco-friendly way to heat your home. They burn clean, renewable fuel pellets that can be stored without refrigeration and used when you need them. Pellet stoves also have a smaller footprint than other types of heating systems which makes installation quick and easy.

Castle Serenity Wood pellet stove 12327 Smart Controller is one of the top-rated best pellet stoves on market today! A beautiful stove that can be used both as a primary or supplemental heat source depending upon your needs.

Best Selling Pellet Stoves

The number one question we get about these stoves is “how much does it cost?” The answer is, they’re not cheap! But if you compare the lifetime cost of using wood or oil for heating your house with the lifetime cost of buying a new high-efficiency pellet stove every 10 years, then it’s worth considering this option.

In recent years, the use of pellet stoves has increased in popularity. This is due to a number of factors that include their efficiency and affordability. In order for you to find the best pellet stove on the market, we have compiled a list of top 5 choices based on your personal needs.

Best No. 1
Castle Serenity Stove 12327 Wood Pellet with Smart Controller
  • Reinvent the way you heat your home with Castle's Serenity wood pellet stove and new Smart...
  • The Smart Controller allows you to choose manual, thermostat, and weekly operational modes to heat...
  • As with any Castle Pellet Stove, you'll experience affordability, style, and practicality. Its...
  • The Serenity Stove is designed to be easy to clean - there are no tubes, corrugations, or hidden...
  • Operating Wattage 77 Watts (W), Voltage 120 Volts (V), Greater than 69.8% thermal efficiency, 1500...
Best No. 2
Comfortbilt HP22-N Pellet Stove Black
  • 50000 btu- Auto Ignition-Programmable Thermostat-Powerful Blower
  • Powerful Blower-EPA Certified-110 Volt
  • 80 lbs. Hopper Capacity,Auto Ignition, Ash Pan, Programmable Thermostat
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty-Technical assistance available after purchase
  • Large Viewing Area-Bay Design-Carbon Black!

Castle Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

Castle Serenity Stove 12327 Wood Pellet with Smart Controller
  • Reinvent the way you heat your home with Castle's Serenity wood pellet stove and new Smart...
  • The Smart Controller allows you to choose manual, thermostat, and weekly operational modes to heat...
  • As with any Castle Pellet Stove, you'll experience affordability, style, and practicality. Its...
  • The Serenity Stove is designed to be easy to clean - there are no tubes, corrugations, or hidden...
  • Operating Wattage 77 Watts (W), Voltage 120 Volts (V), Greater than 69.8% thermal efficiency, 1500...

Product Description

Castle Serenity 12327 Wood pellet stove with a smart controller. The first thing you’ll notice about this high-efficiency, easy to operate, and aesthetically pleasing best pellet stove is the size of its firebox; at 24″ wide x 17″ deep, the large capacity makes cleaning out ash a breeze. It also sports an electronic control system with a timer and temperature controller, allowing you to set the stove for automatic operation.


  • The stove features a very large firebox and an electronic control system, allowing you to set the temperature for automatic operation.
  • With a durable design, this stove is very sturdy and easy to clean out.
  • The biggest drawback of Castle Serenity Wood pellet stove 12327 Smart Controller Best Pellet Stove is the fact that it burns through pellets quite quickly which can make your overall fuel costs higher than with other models on our list.
  • Additionally, you must be careful when adding more pellets as they tend to get jammed in the feed tube if too many are added at once. It’s best just to add a few pellets at a time until things clear up.


  • none


Best Pellet Stove Castle Serenity Wood pellet stove 12327 Smart Controller is a very expensive pellet stove, but it’s also one of the best products on the market due to its high quality and ease of use.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line product that will last for years with little to no maintenance then this just might be your choice.

Mr. Heater PS20W-CIW Mini Pellet Stove

Cleveland Iron Works PS20W-CIW Mini Pellet Stove, WiFi Enabled, 18 lb Hopper Capacity, Black
  • Qualifies for 30% EPA tax credit savings (caps and exclusions may apply)
  • Built-in WiFi – Smart Home Technology
  • Heats 800 to 1200 sq ft
  • 18 lb large capacity hopper capacity
  • Digital control panel and remote included

Product Description

The Heater PS20W-CIW Mini Pellet Stove is a clean, safe and efficient way to heat your home. It features 1500 watts of power with two adjustable settings for temperature control (ambient or up to 200 degrees) so you can stay warm even when the temperatures drop below 0°F/-18°C.

Pellet stove has automatic ignition that’s easy to light, an 18-pound hopper capacity for long-lasting fuel supply and it runs on wood pellets only – no canned fuels! Product reviews show this Best Pellets Reviews unit cranks out 20,000 BTU/hr which means plenty of warmth all winter long smaller homes and cabins.

This Pellet stove has a sturdy design and is designed to be low maintenance with minimal assembly required. It comes with automatic ignition that makes it easy-to-light, an 18-pound hopper capacity for long-lasting fuel supply, and runs on wood pellets only – no canned fuels! Product reviews show this Best Pellets Deals unit cranks out 20,000 BTU/hr which means plenty of warmth all winter long whether you live in a smaller home or cabin.


  • Sturdy design
  • Auto-ignition makes it easy to light the unit.
  • 18 pounds hopper capacity for long-lasting fuel supply


  • No cons listed.


No matter what kind of heating capabilities you’re looking for when shopping around for pellet stoves, Mr Heater PS20W-CIW Mini Pellet Stove will be sure to meet all of your needs and expectations!

Mr Heater PS20W-CIW Mini is the best pellet stove for anyone looking for a sturdy design with low maintenance, automatic ignition. Product reviews say this Best Pellets Deals unit cranks out 20,000 BTU/hr which means plenty of warmth no matter what kind of abode you’re living in, thanks to its amazing heating capabilities!

pelpro Pellet Stove

Product not currently available.

Product Description:

Pelpro Pellet Stove, 500 Sq Ft, PP050-B a compact and efficient pellet stove that provides a great heat output (up to 50k BTU) and is easy to use and maintain.

The stove is made of the highest quality materials. It is designed to be a long-lasting and reliable heating appliance. It has been tested for safety compliance with industry standards, including UL/CSA certification. The stove comes fully assembled so you can use it as soon as you take it out of the box.

It’s made in the USA and has a warranty of up to five years.


  • Powerful heating;
  • Efficient, long-lasting and safe appliance;
  • Easy to use.
  • powerful output (up to 50k BTU);
  • made of the highest quality materials;
  • easy to maintain.


  • Expensive.


  • Yes, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient pellet stove.
  • No, if you need only a small stove for heating up to 500 square feet.

Comfortbilt HP22-N Pellet Stove

Comfortbilt HP22-N Pellet Stove Black
  • 50000 btu- Auto Ignition-Programmable Thermostat-Powerful Blower
  • Powerful Blower-EPA Certified-110 Volt
  • 80 lbs. Hopper Capacity,Auto Ignition, Ash Pan, Programmable Thermostat
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty-Technical assistance available after purchase
  • Large Viewing Area-Bay Design-Carbon Black!

Product Description:

The Comfortbilt HP22N pellet stove is a state-of-the-art appliance that’s designed to burn both wood pellets and smokeless fuel.

It’s an EPA-certified appliance and comes with a hopper that can hold up to 40 pounds of pellets. It has dual fan speeds, electronic ignition, and the option for propane fuel as a backup if you want it to be able to run without electricity or pellet fuel.

It has an impressive output of 22,000 BTUs.

This is more than enough to heat a large home and even an area of commercial space. It can easily provide up to 80 hours of heating on one load of pellets.

The stove has two stainless steel doors that open with ease, allowing you access to the fire chamber if needed for cleaning or ash removal. There’s also a glass window in each door so you can get a view while it’s working without having to open the doors all the time which could invite cold air into your house when burning wood fuel. You’ll love how great this appliance looks in any room because it doesn’t dominate as some other pellet stoves do – instead, it blends well with most decor styles and finishes thanks to its black color and sleek design features such as the curved glass on each door.

You can even purchase an optional blower to help circulate air so you get a more evenly heated room and better overall heating performance since heat is spread throughout your space instead of just rising up into one area where it’s lost through the ceiling.

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Comfortable, affordable home heating with no smoke or fumes – that’s exactly what this pellet stove provides!


  • Great quality and affordable price: the Comfortbilt HP22N is a high-quality pellet stove that’s priced well below what you’d expect to pay for such good performance.
  • A large hopper holds 40 pounds of fuel so you won’t have to fill it up frequently: this means more convenience overall, especially if your family tends to go through wood pellets or smokeless fuel quickly!
  • You can choose whether or not you want an automatic blower with your purchase; some customers do opt for one while others don’t use them at all which allows their stoves to work just fine without depending on extra accessories like propane tanks and other add-ons that cost money and up space in your home.


  • If you’re used to a larger pellet stove, this one might seem small at first: the Comfortbilt HP22N is designed for homes that are between 1000 and 1700 square feet so it’s best suited for smaller spaces.
  • It can be difficult to clean out any ashes from inside of your fuel chamber if they do pile up since there aren’t very good access points: without easy removal, ash will need to be scooped out or vacuumed which isn’t always convenient.


If you’re looking for a high-performance pellet stove that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars every month to run, the Comfortbilt HP22N is an excellent choice. This appliance will keep your home cozy and comfortable at all times throughout those long winter months – even if it does get very cold where you live!

Comfortbilt HP22i Pellet Stove Insert

Comfortbilt HP22i Pellet Stove Insert Carbon Black Pellet Fireplace
  • 42,000 btu- Heats 1700-2000 sq ft
  • 47 lbs hopper Capacity/Ash Pan
  • High efficiency/110 Volt/Programmable Heat Settings/Auto Ignition
  • Large View Area-Bay Design-Easy Install
  • 1 Year Warranty - Parts Available

Product Description:

The Comfortbilt HP22i pellet stove insert is designed to fit into your existing fireplace opening. It comes complete with a blower, flex gas connector, and optional remote control for added convenience.

This pellet stove insert is EPA certified and features a 77% efficiency rating. It has a large hopper that can hold up to 40 pounds of pellets, which should last about 24 hours in the winter months. The HP22i comes with an air wash system for clear viewing while you’re enjoying your fireplace this winter!

Large capacity (40 pounds) hopper holds enough fuel for over 20 hours* of heat on high setting without refilling – recommended less than once per day during the coldest part of the season (based on average use). Actual results may vary depending upon conditions such as residence size, household heating needs, and outside temperature/humidity levels.


  • EPA Certified; 77 percent efficient
  • Black painted exterior finish (carbon black)
  • Durable cast iron grate; large enough for wood up to 20 inches long
  • Automatic ignition system; no need to use matches or lighter fluid
  • Blower included as well as the option of adding on a remote control unit


  • Requires regular cleaning of ash
  • May not be able to burn wood that is wet or has been sitting for a long period; must make sure it is completely dry before placing in the stove
  • Some complaints about difficulty igniting the pellet supply and maintaining flame control after starting with the automatic ignition system


Yes, customers are extremely satisfied with this pellet stove insert. It is designed to fit into almost any existing fireplace opening. The large capacity hopper allows for over 24 hours of heat without the need to refill. Blower and remote control units are optional extra features that can be purchased separately if desired.

Pellet Stove Buying Guides

What Is a Pellet Stove?

Pellet stoves are small appliances that burn wood pellets in order to produce heat. Instead of burning firewood, pellet stoves use manufactured fuel made from compressed sawdust and other organic materials. Wood pellets come in a variety of sizes and shapes but usually contain around 85 percent pure wood with the rest consisting of binders for compression purposes. The stove itself is a small furnace with an auger system that feeds the pellets into the fire.

There are two basic types of pellet stoves: automatic and manual feed. Automatic-feed stoves require less monitoring on your part as they have an electronic control board that controls how many pellets get fed to the fire, but some people find them more expensive than manual-feed models. Manual-feed stoves may be cheaper, but you need to keep feeding it manually throughout its operation in order for it to produce heat.

Pellet stoves are efficient and easy to use. They can warm a room quickly, provide heat for an entire house or just supplement your existing heating system during those cold winter months when you need it the most. Best of all, pellet-stove technology has improved so much that new models have low emissions levels which meet EPA standards without sacrificing efficiency. Pellets also burn cleaner than firewood with fewer indoor air quality problems associated with smoke inhalation from open fires in wood-burning fireplaces. And because they’re more consistent than burning logs, pellets produce less creosote buildup inside a chimney flue as well as less ash residue left over after combustion is complete.

What are Pellets?

Pellets look like rabbit food, but they are actually composed of compressed sawdust from wood and other organic material. They come in a variety of shapes (rounds or nuggets), sizes (smaller ones burn faster, larger ones last longer), and types—wood-only or wood mixed with coal, corn cobs, or even recycled newspaper. It’s important to use the right type when buying your own pellet stove so that you don’t have any issues while burning them at home!

Pellets are compacted sawdust, compressed under extreme heat and pressure. More than 20% of the material is converted to combustible gases that burn cleanly with fewer emissions compared to traditional wood stoves which emit a lot of smoke from unburned particles. In fact, pelleted biomass fuel produces as little as one percent or less non-combustible exhaust. A result is an EPA-certified appliance that requires very little maintenance – if any at all! A pellet stove has multiple parts including a hopper for pellets feeder auger air intake system flue pipe (connects outside) ash pan grate blower Most have electronic controls allowing users to set the desired temperature level. Best Pellet Stoves are very easy to use and maintain.

Pellets are a source of energy that is similar to natural gas. Pellet stoves burn pellets made from wood bits or sawdust and can heat up your home for several hours at a time, depending on the size of your pellet stove and how much fuel you put in it.

Pellet Stove Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons to owning a pellet stove that you need to consider before making a big purchase. The most helpful way of determining if this is right for your home is by reading reviews from people who have already made their decision regarding pellet stoves.


By far, a pellet stove is one of the most eco-friendly ways to heat your home. They burn clean and are known to be extremely efficient little appliances that will help you save money over time by cutting down on heating bills. It’s also wise to keep in mind that they do not require electricity like other types of wood-burning furnaces/stoves so this would work even if there was an outage or natural disaster where power supplies were compromised.

The only maintenance needed with these units is changing out pellets from time to time but replacement parts can easily be bought at local hardware stores. Best of all, pellet stoves are very aesthetically pleasing and will enhance any home’s decor due to their elegant looks.


Pellet stoves can be pricey so you do need to make sure that they fit into your budget before making a purchase. They also require some setup in terms of installation which may not work out well if you lack basic DIY skills or don’t have much time for this type of project at hand. While there is limited maintenance needed with these units as previously mentioned (pellets being replaced from time to time), it must still be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Best of all, pellet stoves do not work well in cold climates if there is a lot of snow on the ground as they will need to be kept clear for ventilation and proper operation.

Benefits of Wood Pellets

Pellets have many benefits over traditional wood logs, here are some of them:

  • Pellet stoves are usually much cleaner than their older counterparts. They burn cleanly and produce very little smoke or ash.
  • Pellet stove is a great source of renewable energy, which can help to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment significantly!

Major Components Of Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves are made up of many different components, each one having its own job. While some may be more important than others depending on what you’re looking for in a pellet stove, all the parts work together to make sure your pellets burn effectively and efficiently inside your home.

The Burn Pot and Ash Pan: This is where the magic happens! The fuel (pellets) will fall from the feeder into this area through an auger or conveyor system that moves them towards the firebox door. Once they hit this area, it’s time to get down to business – combusting those little chunks of wood so they turn into heat energy! It takes about 15 minutes for pellets to completely burn once ignited. In between the burn pot and ash pan, there will be a heat exchange system. The stovepipe or flue pipe that takes the hot air from inside your home to the outside is connected here.

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The Heat Exchanger: This part of the pellet stove absorbs all that heat energy created in the burn pot and transfers it through metal tubes into a fan-forced area behind the firebox door (called either another chamber or secondary combustion chamber). As this heated air passes over these metal coils, they cool down so when you open up your stove for cleaning purposes, it’s not going to be as scorching hot! Finally, once cooled off enough, this warm air then enters back inside your home by way of an indoor blower.

The Firebox and Door: You know how the burn pot is where pellets are ignited? That firebox area is where you’ll light your pellet stove up with either a match or lighter. Once lit, there will be flames that lick away at those little chunks of wood! At this point, electricity from an open/close sensor-controlled switch turns on (or off) the fan in order to distribute heat throughout your home. The door helps keep air pressure inside the chamber so it doesn’t escape through cracks around the edges which would cause inefficient burning.

How To Choose A Quality Pellet Stove

When you are choosing a pellet stove there are several things that will be important to think about. We have put together Best Pellet Stove Epic Guide and included helpful information on how to choose the right one for your home, as well as reviews of our top picks!

How Much Energy Does It Use?

What is the Difference Between a Direct-Vent and Ventless Model, And Which Is Right for Me? Pellet Burner Safety There are two types of units that you will be able to choose from. You can go with a direct vent or vent-free model. In terms of what type you should get it all depends on where you plan to install the Best Pellet Stove.

Electric or Non-Electric Pellet Stove?


Best electric pellet stoves are easier to use and require less effort. They can be controlled from a distance with the touch of a finger or globally using an app on your phone, as long as it is connected to wi-fi. Electric pellet stoves don’t require venting in order for them to work meaning that they do not need any chimney or flue connection and they have no open flame which makes having an electrical outlet nearby enough.


Best nonelectric pellet stoves come in larger sizes making them ideal for heating bigger spaces such as garages, workshops, barns etcetera because you will need more pellets than one that needs electricity supply all day round just so it can work. The best non-electric pellet stove can be used in open spaces where you wouldn’t want to have an electrical outlet nearby and still need your space heating up. This means that they require venting as well but not always, some of them do come with a built-in fan meaning that venting is not necessary which makes it more appealing for indoor use.

The most important thing about buying the best pellet stoves is knowing what are you looking to get out of one before investing money into it because after all the purpose why we buy anything new whether it’s big or small doesn’t matter, the point here is getting good value out of our purchase so don’t rush into things and check pros cons list and do some research before you actually go out there and buy. Best of luck!

Wood Stove vs Pellet Stove: Which is Best?

Many people are looking to burn wood in their homes and need a stove that can handle the job. There is another type of heater which might be better for you though, called pellet stoves. Best Pellet Stoves have many advantages over firewood-burning models: they require less physical labor, let owners make use of renewable fuel sources like corn cobs or sawdust instead of purchasing lots of expensive firewood (which may not even be available), and provide heat without smoke or strong odors for healthier indoor air quality throughout winter months (so long as users get good Best Pellets from reputable brands).

Best Pellets don’t throw off sparks or burn as hot as firewood, Best Pellet Stoves are generally safer for use around children and pets. A Best Pellets stove may also be more cost-effective than an equivalent wood stove model over time due to lower daily operating costs (the price of Best Pellets compared with the amount of money spent on buying Best Wood).

Best pellet stoves have some disadvantages too: they take longer to heat a room than electric space heaters do, buyers need access to Best pellets which can sometimes be hard to find locally depending on where you live, and these appliances often require professional installation. Fortunately, though there is one manufacturer that makes models designed for easy DIY assembly in just three steps – read this blog post about how simple it is Best Pellet Stoves to install Best Wood in just a few hours.

The drawback of Pellets Stove

Pellet stoves are considered a great alternative to traditional heating because they save money and also provide an environmentally friendly method. While pellet stoves do have some benefits, there can be some drawbacks as well. One drawback is that the pellets themselves can get expensive if you use your stove frequently or for long periods of time during the winter months.

Another possible downside is that wood from trees often contains bark and other elements which may not burn completely in your combustion chamber causing ash buildup and clogging up the internal parts of the unit. Some models try to prevent this by burning hotter by using more gas or electricity but it will cost you even more on top of what you’re already spending on fuel costs each month so it’s very important to select a unit that is built for easy maintenance.

A third potential issue is the fact that pellet stoves may not be suitable for all homes, especially older ones with more limited heating options or those which are often under renovation and being worked on by contractors who may cause internal damage to your stove in the process. If you’re still sold on getting a pellet stove then it would probably be best if you could find one out of an appliance showroom where they can demonstrate how well these units work and provide answers to any additional questions about installation or operation before choosing one yourself. Best wishes in finding the right model!

How Much Space Are You Heating?

The first consideration when buying a pellet stove is the size of your home and how much space you need to heat. If you have an average-sized house, then one of our Best Pellets Stoves will be right for you!

If you live in a house that covers more than 3000 square feet, then Best Pellet Stove is the best option for your home. For those with houses smaller than this, Best Pellets Stoves will heat up the area perfectly!

Some Best Pellet Stove options can be connected to central heating systems if necessary. However, these are usually not as efficient at producing heat and it’s simpler just to buy one of our Best Pellet Stoves instead!

Do you Have a Fireplace – Free-standing and Inserts

Many people have fireplaces as their primary form of heating, but it is a very expensive way to heat your home. You can supplement the fireplace with a pellet stove or you could simply replace it entirely!

Pellet stoves are devices that burn compressed biomass fuel and emit clean pellets which can be vented out through small holes in an exterior wall. They come in two major forms: free-standing models (freestanding) and inserts for existing fireplaces.

Pellet stoves are an efficient and affordable solution to supplement your existing heating system or replace it entirely! It is easy to find the best pellet stove for you, whether you have a large home or small cabin.

Consider Hopper Size and Burn Time on Each Heat Setting

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a pellet stove is how long it can burn on each setting. The temperature you set on your stove will affect its hopper size and burner time, so be sure that both features are what you need for your home before making any big decisions about which model to buy. Obviously, if you have a smaller house or live in an area where winter weather doesn’t usually last more than four months out of the year, then lower heat settings might work just fine for you! On the other hand, larger houses with large families may require stoves that can hold enough pellets to run at maximum capacity all day every day. If this is something you think would work better for your household needs be sure to check the unit’s hopper size and burner time.

Consider the Features You Will Need and Want

You need to know that a pellet stove will provide heat for your home. But, it is important to consider which features you want and also what some of the best stoves have in order to help you choose one that works well for your needs.

You will want to consider how much heat you need and which features are important for your lifestyle. For example, do you want one that has an ash pan? How about a blower or remote control option? Some of the best pellet stoves include these as well as other types of special features depending on what works best in your home.

Another consideration is where you plan to put this stove because different models come with their own setup requirements so make sure it can fit wherever you have planned before ordering. This information should be included in shipping info when buying online but if not then check the company’s website since they usually list all necessary details there along with product reviews from customers who already purchased them.

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After all, we want to be sure that you are satisfied with your purchase when it arrives and this information should help give you the knowledge needed in order to make a good choice.

Consider How the Stove Will Fit Home Style Best

The most important step in narrowing down your options for pellet stoves is to determine how you plan on using them. Are you looking for a stove that can heat up large areas of your home, or are you hoping something smaller will be sufficient? Your answer should help guide what kind of stove and what size would work best for your house’s specific needs. In addition to the space requirement, there are other factors when considering which type of unit may fit into your life better: New vs Pre-owned/Re-built Units: One thing many people don’t realize before buying their new pellet stove is that used units are usually cheaper than new ones. In fact, many dealers will sell their leftover inventory at a steep discount to make room for the newest models or in preparation for seasonal sales.

What It Costs Best Pellet Stove Best

Another thing you’ll want to consider before buying your stove is exactly how much it’s going to cost you. While this can often depend on features and where you buy from, no one wants to spend more money than they have to – especially when there are so many choices out there with different price points!

Pellet stoves should be given just as much consideration as any other large appliance purchase because even though they’re not necessarily expensive, investing in something like an air conditioning unit would probably be a better use of money because it cools the entire house. Best Pellet Stove Best

Pellet stoves are especially helpful in homes that don’t have central heating or air conditioning units to keep them warm or cold, respectively. If you’ve got an older home with no insulation and single-pane windows from way back when then your heat bill will be through the roof – literally! That’s why a pellet stove makes sense for so many people who want something efficient but also very cost-effective.

So before making any purchases, carefully consider exactly how much space you need and what features would suit your needs best. Once you make those decisions, finding just the right stove at a price you can afford should be a breeze!

Is the Stove Ecofriendly? EPA Certified or Approved?

It is important to choose a pellet stove that has been approved and certified by the EPA. This way, you can ensure it follows strict emission standards for low emissions. There are many carbon monoxide detectors available in stores or online if you want to include them as part of your fire safety plan.

Are Pellet Stoves Safe?

Best pellet stoves have advanced features that make it nearly impossible for sparks to fly out onto surrounding material so they won’t catch on fire as older wood-burning stoves could potentially do. Other great options would be an automatic shut-off feature when there isn’t enough room inside the ash pan or an air sensor that will turn it off automatically if oxygen levels are too low.

Do I Have to Maintain the Pellet Stove?

Best pellet stoves have a built-in ash pan which allows ashes to be collected safely and easily without having to touch them with your bare hands or get burned from hot embers. The pellets burn relatively clean compared to the wood so you don’t need special maintenance schedules or worry about creosote build-up in the chimney as well. You can also choose pellet stove heat exchangers that will use water instead of air for heating, making your home even more energy-efficient! Bestseller No.

Tips for Safe Use of a Pellet Stove

  • Always read the owner’s manual before using a pellet stove. The instructions will vary depending on your model, so it is important to become familiar with them and follow safety precautions carefully.
  • Never leave cooking unattended when you use a pellet stove. Pellets have been known to burn out quickly if there isn’t enough fuel in the hopper or ash box at all times, which can lead to overheating and combustion of surrounding materials.
  • Check for blockages frequently while operating your unit – especially around the air intake door because clogs here could cause back-drafting into your home instead of pulling clean outside air through as designed. Also, check that no debris accidentally fell into the lower of the fire pot area (especially ash) because this could cause a blockage and affect the operation of your unit.
  • Oil, gasoline, and other flammable liquids should never be used to start or assist with the startup of the stove. Only use wood pellets for this purpose!
  • Always follow any specific safety instructions included in your owner’s manual about installing a fire extinguisher near your pellet unit (not just purchase one!). These devices are designed specifically for fires that involve combustible materials such as oil, paper, or plastics – not ones involving wood only.

Pellet Stove Installation: DIY or Pro?

Pellet stove installation is usually not too difficult. They are mostly a plug-and-play type of appliance, which means they can be installed by the average homeowner if necessary. However, since there are many types of pellet stoves on the market with different features and complexities it’s best to leave this task up to an expert who knows what they’re doing for more complicated models like ventless or multi-fuel units that require some additional work such as cutting through walls or installing specific ducting systems. Best Pellet Stove Reviews

If you have decided to hire out your installation service make sure the installer has experience in working with pellet stoves so you don’t get stuck having to pay extra money down the line because of a simple mistake.

When it comes to the installation of pellet stoves, whether you’re hiring an expert or doing it yourself check your local codes and ordinances for any regulations concerning their use as well as where they can be placed in relation to other appliances like a fireplace.

Are Pellet Stoves a Good Value?

Pellet Stoves are a good value because of their high efficiency and low emissions. Best pellet stoves can be more affordable than oil or gas heating, require less maintenance, have longer warranties for parts and labor, emit fewer fumes into the air you breathe (because they don’t burn fossil fuels), and save on your wallet as well.

Pellet Stove work by using electricity to heat up wood pellets that are then stored in hoppers within the stove until it is ready to use again. Best pellet stoves come with encyclopedic manuals which usually include detailed instructions on how to best maintain them: cleaning out ash after each fire; adding water if needed to prevent rust; replacing the auger belt once a year, etc. Pellet stoves also include thermostats to control their output based on how warm you need your house to feel and timers that let them operate unattended for set periods of time.

Are Pellet Stoves Efficient and Clean?

Pellet stoves are very efficient and clean. They can heat any home, no matter the size or location of your house in relation to yours. Furthermore, they produce minimal emissions and do not require a chimney system so there is little chance for carbon monoxide leakage as long as you maintain them regularly.

How to Clean a Pellet Stove?

Pellet stoves come with their own set of cleaning instructions so it’s important to familiarize yourself with them before attempting any type of maintenance.

  • First, if you have a glass door in front of your pellet stove, take the time to clean it. Use a glass cleaner to remove any smudges or stains from the inside and outside of the door. If you have an external stovepipe, a good cleaning once per year is normally sufficient; however, it’s always best to follow your manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance.
  • In addition, it’s important to remember that you should never use water or any harsh chemicals while cleaning your pellet stove. Some manufacturers will recommend a mild dish detergent solution and warm water for the initial cleanse after installation Best Pellet Stove Best
  • Afterward, I like using a soft cloth with the glass cleaner – sometimes with just hot tap water alone is enough to get rid of built-up soot on the outside. If there is excess grime, I might add some baking soda as well (just don’t do this if you have a catalytic converter).
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Do I Need Electricity to Run a Pellet Stove?

You do not need electricity to run a pellet stove. The unit provides its own heat, so you will never lose your central heating in the winter again. How it works is simple: as pellets burn, they produce gas that heats water within the boiler of the stove. This hot water then flows through tubes and out into radiators throughout your home's flooring system where it releases warm air into each room - all without electricity being required!

What is BTU

A BTU or British Thermal Unit is the amount of energy required to heat a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The higher the number, usually means more fuel-efficient pellet stove. Some stoves have automatic temperature control features that adjust depending on how hot it gets in your house through air circulation and electrical heating elements inside.

How to Maintain a Pellet Stove?

Regularly vacuum out the dust and dirt from your pellet stove to keep it running well. You don't want any of that debris interfering with airflow, which can cause a fire hazard or damage your appliance. Check hinges and door seals monthly for cracks and wear, as this may indicate an issue on its way to breaking down completely if not caught early enough. Use wood pellets that are recommended by your pellet stove manufacturer rather than trying something else because different types of fuel could affect performance levels! If you're concerned about potential smells coming off of burning pellets, purchase a deodorizer to place in front of the unit's exhaust vent--this will help eliminate odors inside before they have time to accumulate around the house too much.

Are Pellet Stoves Safe?

Pellet stoves are one of the safest heating appliances you can buy. The pellets themselves only burn when they are exposed to a certain amount of oxygen. This means that pellet stove fires generally start and stop on their own, without human intervention or any kind of flame involved in them! Best Pellet Stove Best Pellet stove.

Are pellet stoves expensive?

Pellets are a little more pricey than other types of heating fuel, but with proper installation and good maintenance costs.

How Does Pellet Stove Works?

Pellets are made from compacted sawdust, tree bark, and other waste products that can be used as an alternative fuel source to firewood. When a pellet is exposed to oxygen it begins to smolder very slowly, burning hot enough only for cooking or heating appliances but not easily flammable like leaves of paper Best Pellet Stove Best wood stoves Best best pellet stove. Best cost-effective pellets Best cheapest pellets for the money.


If you’re looking for the best pellet stove, we hope this guide helps. It can be difficult to know what features are worth paying extra for and which ones aren’t as important. We created a list of five things that should help narrow down your options when it comes time to buy one so you don’t have to stress over making the wrong decision!