Best Fireplace Doors (Buyer’s Guide)

When the cooler weather starts to set in, it’s time to get your fireplace ready for the colder months. You’ve probably already thought about getting your logs ready and some kindle to start your fires, but have you thought about the most important thing needed for enjoying safe fires in your home all winter long?

The most important accessory for a fireplace is definitely the fireplace doors! Without them, you could be putting your family, friends, and home in danger! But okay, you might be thinking that fireplace doors will block the view of your comfy and cozy fire — but you couldn’t further away from the truth.

Best Choice

Heatilator Fireplace Doors - Black 42" Glass Doors - DM1042
  • Greatly Reduce Heat Loss
  • Very Easy to Install
  • Clear, Tempered Safety Glass
  • Available in 2 Finishes - Black and Stainless Steel

The Heatilator fireplace doors are perfect for keeping the heat inside your fireplace and giving you a cozy atmosphere. The design with all clear tempered safety glass lets you enjoy the view of your fire while keeping you and your loved ones safe. We liked this fireplace door because it is solidly built and has a nice presence in your home.

Best Selling Fireplace Doors

SaleBest No. 1
Pleasant Hearth AN-1010 Alpine Fireplace Glass Door, Black, Small
  • Small size dimensions: 30-37-Inch width of firebox opening and 22.5-29.5-Inch height of firebox...
  • Black Finish with Clear Glass. 0.1875 inch clear tempered glass doors open completely for a full...
  • Standard Mesh Panel
  • Cabinet Doors
  • 5-Inch"easy grip" handles
Best No. 2
Pleasant Hearth AT-1002 Ascot Fireplace Glass Door, Black, Large
  • Large size dimensions: Overall frame dimensions 43.5” x 33”. / Fits a fireplace opening of...
  • For Masonary Fireplaces Only: Not for prefabricated fireplaces
  • Standard Mesh Panel
  • Bi-fold Doors
  • 4 in. "easy grip" handles.
Best No. 3
Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 1111 fireplace screen, Black Medium
  • Medium size dimensions: 30-37-Inch width of firebox opening and 25.5-32.5-Inch height of firebox...
  • Black Finish with Clear Glass
  • Standard Mesh Panel ; 1in. thick welded construction
  • Bi-fold Doors. Thick 3/16in. clear tempered safety glass
  • 4 in. "easy grip" handles.Glass Thickness:0.1875 inches

Fast forward to modern times calls for modern designs on some of the best fireplace doors available today! We’ve done the research for you and have created a list of the top 5 best fireplace doors along with a buyer’s guide to answer all your questions.

Here’s a quick look at the top five and below you will find all the details needed to help you find the perfect fireplace screen doors for your home.

Product Reviews

Below you will find our top picks and why they made our list. We will also answer the most common questions asked about fireplace doors and how to choose the best one for your home.

Heatilator Fireplace Doors

Heatilator Fireplace Doors - Black 42" Glass Doors - DM1042
  • Greatly Reduce Heat Loss
  • Very Easy to Install
  • Clear, Tempered Safety Glass
  • Available in 2 Finishes - Black and Stainless Steel

What We Liked Best

We liked everything about this fireplace protector with two doors. We think it’s the best fireplace door for anybody wanting an easy installation and is ready to use within minutes. It’s the best for anybody wanting to keep the heat inside because it truly reduces the heat loss incredibly well.


  • Easy To Install — Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Available In Two Colors
  • Includes Safety Glass
  • Great Packaging


  • Only Fits Heatilator Fireplaces
  • Needs Adjustments For Fitting Perfectly


Yes, we highly recommend this for anybody trying to reduce their heat loss and would appreciate a really easy installation.

Plow & Hearth Small Fireplace Screen With Doors

Plow & Hearth Metal Fireplace Screen Glass Flatguard Black | 38" W x 31" H | 2 - Door | Spark Guard Indoor Grate | Iron Fire Place Cover | Wood Burning Stove Decorative Accessories
  • TEMPERED GLASS INSETS - Three glass panels shine in the firelight and add elegant style to any...
  • TWO-DOOR DESIGN - Hinged, straight - top doors with handles add safety and convenience; magnetic...
  • FREE STANDING FLAT GUARD - Sits flush against your hearth opening for maxium protection from sparks...
  • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP - HEAVY-DUTY metal is welded for a sturdy steel frame. Finished with a...
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE - We stand behind the quality of all of our products, and are dedicated to our...

This small fireplace screen is a nice addition to your hearth with its beautiful glass accent panels. The frame on this one is very durable but yet lightweight. You will feel safe while using the two hinged doors and not having to worry about moving the structure while tending your fire. The look is very simple and classic, making a nice addition to any home.

What We Liked Best

We really liked how easy this was to move around because of the lightweight design. If you’re looking for a simple design that works well in almost all situations, then check out this small fireplace screen — you won’t be disappointed. It really lets the fire shine through the two doors.

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  • Prevents Stray Sparks & Embers
  • Magnetic Latch
  • Tempered Glass Insets
  • Showcases Flames With Beautiful Accents


  • Packaging Not The Best
  • Can Take A While To Install


This is perfect for somebody who needs to move their fireplace doors around a lot because it is super lightweight and made of a solid structure.

Pathline Products Fireplace Glass Doors

Product not currently available.

If you’re looking for a modern and sleek design for your fireplace doors, then you definitely should take a look at this one by Pathline Products. We were really impressed with how well it fits and the way the design is designed to give you a full view of your fire through the all-glass front.

What We Liked Best

We really liked the way these fireplace doors looked once they were fully installed. This is a pretty standard 36-inch fireplace door that should fit most units accommodating this size. You have a choice of three different colors: black, silver, and polished brass.


  • Best Customer Support For Installation Assistance
  • Glass Doors Come With Track
  • Perfect For Deep Setting Fireplaces
  • Fast Shipping & Excellent Packaging


  • Installation Can Be Hard
  • Screw Length Can Be Tricky


If you are looking for a more modern and sleek design, then these fireplace doors deliver and we highly recommend it for anyone who wants to show off their fireplace area.

Plow & Hearth Arched Top Flat Guard Fireplace Screen with Doors

Plow & Hearth Metal Fireplace Screen Arched Bronze | 44" W x 33" H | 2 - Door | Spark Guard Indoor Grate | Iron Fire Place Cover | Wood Burning Stove Decorative Accessories
  • HEAVY-DUTY SOLID STEEL - Made to last, this fireplace screen is handcrafted from solid steel; piano...
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - HEAVY-DUTY tight mesh is welded to the frame guards against sparks getting...
  • FREE STANDING FLAT GUARD - Sits flush against your hearth opening for maxium protection from sparks...
  • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP - HEAVY-DUTY metal is welded for a sturdy steel frame. Finished with a...
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE - We stand behind the quality of all of our products, and are dedicated to our...

This Arched Top Flat Guard Fireplace Screen with Doors is an excellent choice for anybody wanting an arched design with traditional blacksmith workmanship. This durable screen features a nice heavy-duty mesh and fits tightly against your fireplace. It’s super easy to use and keeps you safe with the two-door magnetic design.

What We Liked Best

We were impressed with how wide these doors opened allowing us to reach within our entire fireplace area. Really easy for adding more logs to your fire and avoiding any floating sparks or embers. With this 2-door design you can easily give your old fireplace a nice facelift that looks elegant.


  • Magnetic Closures
  • Piano Hinges On Doors
  • Adjustable Back Feet
  • Good Packaging


  • Legs Can’t Be Adjusted
  • Only Fits Certain Fireplace Designs


If you are somebody who likes your fireplace to be the center of attention, then this arched designed fireplace doors will definitely add character to any room or space.

Style Selections Twin Fireplace Screen

Style Selections 38.97-in Black Powder Coated Steel Flat Twin Fireplace Screen
  • size: 38.9" W x 30.9" H Modern flat panel collection Easy opening doors with new sliding...

When it comes to simplicity, Style Selections has gone above and beyond with its two-door modern fireplace screen. It comes with the new concept of sliding screen doors that makes tending to your fire extremely easy and very simple. We liked the flat panel design because it gives a modern feel even when paired with an old fireplace.

What We Liked Best

Unlike the others in this list, this one saves a lot of space with its ability to sit flat against the firebox opening and doesn’t have additional pieces extending past your fireplace opening. This is perfect for anybody who wants to keep the design of their fireplace upfront and showcased.


  • Saves Space With Modern Flat Design
  • Sliding Screen Doors
  • Freestanding Design
  • Fast Shipping & Good Packaging


  • Doesn’t Include Fire Poker
  • Doors Might Need Adjusted


We definitely recommend these fireplace doors for people who are limited with space, but still want to have a nice, sturdy set up that looks really good.

Buyer’s Guide

If this is your first time buying fireplace doors and you have no idea what matters the most when making a decision — we encourage you to keep reading to see if we can help answer all your questions and prepare you with the most important details when considering which fireplace doors will work best for you.

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Why Do You Need Fireplace Doors?

Everybody loves a good fire in their house during the colder months, but do they love the flying sparks, smoky smell, and possible accidents that could happen when small children or pets get too close to open fire? Of course not, and neither do we!

Fireplace doors help keep the fire contained in the area that was designed to house the fire. They prevent accidents from happening and stop loose flying flames or embers from damaging your carpet or wood floors. Also they are a great way to prevent house fires, which is something everybody has on their mind when having an open fireplace in their home.

They are a necessary feature in your home because they keep the warmth inside your home and the cold air remains outside. Plus, they can totally change the look of your fireplace and add value to your decor of choice.

Why Choose A Two Door Style

There are many benefits to having any type of fireplace doors, but having the two-door style has the additional benefit of allowing you to control where you open the door and how you interact with the fire while it is burning.

You have the option of opening one door that gives you access to safely place more wood on your fire or when using the poker to distribute the flames more evenly. By keeping one door closed while accessing the other, you are reducing the chances of loose flames or ashes damaging your carpet or hardwood floors.

Not to mention that the two-door style is more appealing and has more options for matching home decor. It gives an elegant feel to your home and looks pleasing to the eyes. Regardless of what type you go for, classic to formal, or maybe even more rustic — you will see how it adds more coziness to your fireplace setting.

Measuring Your Fireplace

One of the most important things to do before looking into replacing or buying new fireplace doors is to measure your fireplace. A lot of people are intimidated by this process, however; it’s not that difficult. And since properly fitting doors are so vital to your fireplace’s performance, you want to make sure that your measurements are accurate.

If your fireplace doors don’t fit appropriately, then not only will you be decreasing the efficiency of your heating system, but misfitted fireplace doors can actually pose an unnecessary fire hazard!

  • Here’s the easiest way to measure your fireplace for fireplace doors:
  • Measure the width of the opening at the top and the bottom.
  • Measure the height of the opening from the hearth (enclosure will sit here) to the bottom of the lintel bar and also to the bottom of the finishing material, such as marble, brick, etc.

Be sure to take all measurements to the nearest 1/16 inch using a good measuring tape method.

Normally a stock door is designed to fit fireplace openings that are generally square, this is why measuring your fireplace is so important. When thinking about safety and performance — getting the sizing right will optimize both of these aspects.

You could even take a picture of your fireplace and examine it for projecting bricks or any other issues that might prevent your fireplace doors from sitting properly against your fireplace. It’s also another way to take measurements, just make sure you do them to scale.

Why Choose Glass Fireplace Doors

Well, we already know that any fireplace doors are better than not having any at all. And fireplace doors are a much better choice than fireplace screens because they obviously enclose your entire fireplace. This is the best way to protect your home and ensure that stray sparks and ash don’t escape onto your floor or into the air. Not to mention they also protect small children and pets from the flames.

You could choose fireplace doors that have mesh inserted into the doors instead of glass, however; we highly recommend that you choose one with tempered glass if your biggest concern is being more energy-efficient. The tempered glass will keep the cold air from escaping into your home on a cold night when your damper was left open to vent a dying fire.

Another great feature is how it can also ensure that heated and air-conditioned rooms or spaces are efficiently climate-controlled because of how it prevents both cold and hot air from escaping. Plus they actually help your fire burn better while producing more heat. They absorb and radiate heat into whatever room you have them in — which is way better than a fireplace without any doors.

Note: Fireplace doors made of glass can darken over time from the heat and soot. It’s vital to try and keep your glass clean in order to maximize the appeal of having the glass doors in the first place. There are products available on the market that will help you in removing the darkened areas on your glass that resulted from soot or chemicals in old wood.

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If your glass doors get cracked or chipped, it’s imperative to replace them as quickly as possible. Damaged glass doors are considered to be a hazard and are prone to more accidents.

How Many Different Fireplace Types Are There?

There are two different types of fireplaces you could have in your home — masonry, and zero-clearance. Here are the two types and their different characteristics:

Masonry Fireplaces

These are normally constructed within the home when they are being built. They are usually constructed with either brick or natural stone and then held together with mortar. If you look inside the interior of your chimney, you should see either brick or stone is present. Your chimney on the outside of your home will also be brick or even clay, it will never be made of any other materials including vinyl.

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

These ones are usually constructed somewhere else and then installed inside your home. If you take a look at your chimney and the exterior is covered with vinyl or any other type of material, including metal surrounding your fireplace — then chances are you have a factory-built fireplace.

Keep in mind that most masonry doors are designed quite a bit differently than the zero-clearance options. Prefabricated fireplace doors can be more difficult because they must be custom-made in order for the door frame not to cover up any of the air inlets that are normally found in the opening of a metal fireplace.

You will need to establish what type of fireplace you have before finding the perfect fireplace doors.

Note: If no air can circulate through the inlets, then the fireplace could be at risk of overheating and possibly lead to a fire. Prefabricated doors should also come with specific hardware for attachment to a metal fireplace and instructions should include the proper way to install these.

Heatilator Fireplace Doors - Black 42" Glass Doors - DM1042
  • Greatly Reduce Heat Loss
  • Very Easy to Install
  • Clear, Tempered Safety Glass
  • Available in 2 Finishes - Black and Stainless Steel


How To Choose The Best Fireplace Doors?

We first must say that the construction and safety of the best fireplace doors should be the most important factors when choosing which ones will work best for you. They should add an extra level of safety to your roaring fire by preventing floating flames and embers from entering your room. Another positive factor is how they can improve your home’s energy efficiency, which means not only will you have more peace of mind and a comfortable in-home climate, but also lower fuel costs all year round. When considering what the best fireplace doors for your home will look like, you probably should consider your taste and how your home is decorated. Most of the fireplace doors available today are trendy and fit almost any type of decor — whether your home has a rustic flair or modern, maybe it’s trendy or even classic, regardless of your style, you will be able to find the best fireplace doors.

What Type Of Fireplace Doors Do I Need?

This will depend on the type of Fireplace you have — is it prefabricated or masonry? Fireplace structures can vary in different sizes and angles, it’s best to know exactly what yours looks like prior to choosing the best fireplace doors. It will also come down to your home's decor and what would work best for your atmosphere. There are a variety of different types of fireplace doors available and all provide one or more features that are geared towards keeping your home safe while enjoying roaring fires in your well-protected fireplace. Keep in mind that sizing matters and you will need to know what size your fireplace will need before purchasing new fireplace doors.

What Looks Better — All Glass Or Mesh Covered?

This honestly comes down to personal preference, however; if you want a clear view of your view from all angles — then glass fireplace doors will give you the best-unobstructed view of your roaring fire. If you like to see a ‘shimmering’ effect and like the idea of a warm glow — then mesh overlay is probably going to be your best fit. Note: All glass doors will need more maintenance than the mesh-type fireplace doors. Glass doors require being cleaned much more often or you will experience a lot of burnt looking marks across your glass and could obstruct your view. Plus, the dirty looking glass does not have a nice curb appeal.

How Do You Know What Kind Of Fireplace You Have?

The easiest way to determine what kind of fireplace you have isn’t by looking at how you get your fire started because real wood easily can go into a prefab fireplace just like gas logs can be put into a masonry fireplace. If you want to know exactly what type of fireplace you have, you’re going to have to look at the firebox itself as well as the surrounding area. This will help you in determining the type of firebox you have before purchasing new fireplace doors.

Do You Need A Custom Divider?

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is not knowing whether or not a standard fireplace door set will work in their existing fireplace. Some of the front-facing masonry fireplaces that come with the rectangular firebox type of openings can usually be matched with a normal fireplace door. However, prefabricated fireplaces might need a custom-built fireplace door for a perfect fit. You will want to make sure you know your exact measurements while looking for new fireplace doors and check the manufacturer's guidelines.


Whether you are remodeling an old fireplace or installing a new one, the useful feature that should not be forgotten is how important it is to have fireplace doors. Regardless of what type of burning you are doing, gas, wood, or anything else — fireplace doors prevent accidents from happening and keep both you and your loved ones safe.

Just be sure to know the size of the fireplace doors you need before purchasing new ones and remember that design plays a big part in how you will enjoy your new addition to your home. Choose something that adds appeal to your home while also giving you the best climate control while being energy efficient. We would suggest the Heatilator Fireplace Doors – Black 42 Glass Doors.

We hope that this buyer’s guide for the best fireplace doors has given you all the necessary information needed to make a well-informed decision while purchasing your next fireplace doors.