Best Fire Glass for Fire Pits (Buyer’s Guide)

One of the most important features of a fire pit is the glass that goes on top. Fire pits are designed to produce an array of colors and effects, but it’s not possible without good quality glass. Choosing the right kind can be difficult; there are many different types available for purchase! Below you will find a buyer’s guide with all you need to know about fireglass before making your final decision.

Best Choice

GASPRO 20 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit, 1/2-Inch Reflective Fireplace Glass Rocks for Fire Pit Table, Cobalt Blue
  • 【Perfect Upgrade】 Awesome alternative of the normal lava rock, giving off more heat & adding...
  • 【Sparkly and Mesmerizing】 With gorgeous mirrored surface, shines in daytime and looks like...
  • 【Stunning Flames】 Vibrant blue color, glistens glamorous dancing light and creates calming...
  • 【Wide Application】Does a wonderful job of covering the entire floor of a fire feature,...
  • 【Decent Quality】 Not melt, degrade or pop, while also emits no ash/smoke, clean enough and ideal...

This 20 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit is perfect for gas fire pits and propane burning appliances. These glass rocks are also great as decorative accent pieces in an outdoor water feature, rock garden or pond. The fire pit glass comes with the look of natural river stones that will surely enhance any setting!

Best Selling Fire Glass for Fire Pits

There are a lot of different types of fire glass available for purchase. The best type is the one that suits your needs and preferences. In order to help you make an informed decision, we have compiled this buyer’s guide with our top picks for the best fire glass on the market today. We hope it helps!

SaleBest No. 1
Hiland RGLASS-BB Pit Fire Glass i n Bahama Blend, Extreme Tempature Rating, Good for Propane or Natural Gas, 10 Pounds, 10 lb
  • Fire glass is very easy to maintain because it emits no ash, soot, or smoke. Thus you can spend more...
  • Our fire glass is not just exquisite to behold, it is also very practical. It does a wonderful job...
  • Heat Rating: Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones, etc.
  • Ideal for both indoor or outdoor environments, fire glass may be used in either natural gas or...
  • Available in 10 and 20 pounds
Best No. 2
Kleuete 10 Pound Fire Pit Glass 1/2 Inch Reflective Round Fire Glass Drops Beads Rocks for Natural or Propane Fire Pit and Landscaping Pacific Blue
  • 【Increase Heat】Adding Fire glass in fire pit can increase heat radiation up to 4 times. Keep...
  • 【Premuim Tempered Fire Glass】All fire resistant glass is made of a unique tempered glass,...
  • 【indoor & outdoor fireplace】Suitable for fireproof glass of propane gas and natural gas,...
  • 【Eco-friendly】Fire glass is made out of recycled glass. It is safe to use, because of the...
  • 【Easy Clean】 Fire glass beads are smooth and moisten, won't hurt hands, easy to handle, store,...
Best No. 3
GASPRO 20 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit, 1/2-Inch Reflective Fireplace Glass Rocks for Fire Pit Table, Black
  • 【Perfect Upgrade】 Awesome alternative of the normal lava rock, giving off more heat & adding...
  • 【Sparkly and Mesmerizing】 With gorgeous mirrored surface, shines in daytime and appears...
  • 【Stunning Flames】 Vivid black color, glistens glamorous dancing light and adds a lot of...
  • 【Wide Application】Does a wonderful job of covering the entire floor of a fire feature,...
  • 【Decent Quality】 Not melt, degrade or pop, while also emits no ash/smoke, clean enough and ideal...

GASPRO 20 lbs Fire Glass

GASPRO 20 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit, 1/2-Inch Reflective Fireplace Glass Rocks for Fire Pit Table, Cobalt Blue
  • 【Perfect Upgrade】 Awesome alternative of the normal lava rock, giving off more heat & adding...
  • 【Sparkly and Mesmerizing】 With gorgeous mirrored surface, shines in daytime and looks like...
  • 【Stunning Flames】 Vibrant blue color, glistens glamorous dancing light and creates calming...
  • 【Wide Application】Does a wonderful job of covering the entire floor of a fire feature,...
  • 【Decent Quality】 Not melt, degrade or pop, while also emits no ash/smoke, clean enough and ideal...

Product Description

This 20 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit is perfect for gas fire pits and propane burning appliances. These glass rocks are also great as decorative accent pieces in an outdoor water feature, rock garden or pond. The fire pit glass comes with the look of natural river stones that will surely enhance any setting!

Unlike other types of flame retardant products used to treat traditional fireplace glass media (sand, ceramics etc.), these blue reflective fire pit rocks won’t produce harmful side effects when exposed to direct heat from a heating appliance. It has high density which means it doesn’t disintegrate easily over time like other materials would do so you can enjoy your beautiful backyard landscape without having all those hazardous ashes flying around! You can use this gas fire glass in a propane or natural gas burning fireplace, indoor stone vented heater, outdoor patio heaters and so much more.

This decorative fireplace accessory is made from high-quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! It won’t react when exposed to direct flame making it safe for use around children and pets.

The 20 lbs Fire Glass rocks are also easy to clean just by using warm water with soap or dishwashing liquid but please refrain from using corrosive chemicals because they might damage the finish on the stones. These blue reflective pieces come packed in bulk orders which means you get even more value for your money than what you ordered!


  • Elegant appearance that enhances the look of your backyard or patio
  • Made from high quality material to prevent crumbling, chipping and rusting
  • Frosted appearance provides a calming ambiance


  • May need to be cleaned with a brush or mild soap and water
  • Can only be used for outdoor use, not in an indoor fireplace.


Yes. The high quality material and elegant appearance makes this a great product to enhance your outdoor space. These are perfect for an outdoor fireplace or fire pit! They look beautiful when lit up at night and provide a calming ambiance in any backyard or patio area.

NUPICK 20 Pound Fire Glass

NUPICK 20 Pound Fire Glass, 1/2 Inch Reflective Fire Glass, Fit with Fire Pit Glass and Fireplace Glass, Black
  • 👍[SAFE] - Unlike the normal fire rocks, this fire glass emits no ash, soot, or smoke during the...
  • 🌟[KEEP SHINING] - It has a reflective mirror finish that gives off a beautiful metallic, It...
  • 🔥[DURABLE & NON-BLACKENING] - Using tempered glass instead of ordinary glass, high temperature...
  • 🥰[BETTER DECORATIVE] - 1/2 Inch is the best size to decorative your fire pit, it covers the...
  • ✔️[WIDE COMPATIBLY] - Fire glass is ideal for outdoor fire pit, fire table and indoor fireplace,...

Product Description

The glass that you are looking at is made of 100% recycled materials. It will maintain its beauty for years to come because it fire-resistant, non-toxic and recyclable. The reflective power in each piece ensures excellent light distribution throughout any room or space where the fireplace glass is being used!

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This 20 pound bag has a volume capacity of approximately .80 cubic feet which can cover an area with up to 36 square inches when spread out over the flooring surface evenly. Whether your project calls for covering part of a sidewalk or walkway, creating mosaic art on walls or around garden areas – this high quality Black Reflective Fire Glass product provides color & style contrast while providing superior results every time!


  • Adds beautiful color to fire pit; glass is available in many colors, including clear.
  • Helps distribute heat more evenly than other types of fuel like wood or lava rock.
  • No need for constant stoking with a poker or tongs – once the glass heats up, it stays hot enough to burn any remaining pieces without having to add fresh logs every few minutes (unless you want an extra-hot fire).


  • If not properly cleaned, glass coals can become a fire hazard.
  • Requires special cleaning agents and techniques to avoid damage or discoloration.
  • Expensive compared with other fuel options like wood – costs vary depending on the size of your pit and type and amount of glass you choose (what shapes/sizes).


If you have the budget and want a more natural-looking flame, glass is definitely worth considering.

However, if your main concern is to keep costs down or you don’t like spending time tending flames (stoking them every few minutes), it might be best to look for less expensive alternatives such as wood logs or lava rock.

Celestial Fire Glass

Celestial Fire Glass High Luster, 1/2" Reflective Tempered Fire Glass in Meridian Blue | 10 Pound Jar
  • RICH SAPPHIRE BLUE COLOR - Ideal for setting a cool and relaxing mood, this striking hue blends...
  • PACKAGED IN A JAR (not a bag) - Bags of fire glass are tough to manage. That's why we pack ours in a...
  • MAXIMUM LUSTER - Our glass is not tumbled, so it's more luminous than other brands. This is enhanced...
  • TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT - Have a real sample of our fire pit glass shipped directly to your door,...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – As a US based company, you can be assured that Celestial Fire Glass will be...

Product Description

This high luster, reflective tempered fire glass is the perfect addition to your outdoor fireplace or campfire. It provides a safe and easy way to enjoy an evening by the campfire without burning leaves and other debris that may be found in traditional wood fuel. These fire pit additives are made from recycled material so they burn cleaner than typical woods which emit more carbon monoxide into the environment.

The blue color of these pellets will give off a darker appearance when burned compared to some lighter colors such as yellow or white because it has less manganese dioxide content which refracts visible light more effectively while absorbing invisible infrared radiation (heat). Not only does this make them safer for use around children but can help keep summer nights cooler!


  • Tempered glass is safer than traditional wood burning fire pits
  • Reflective blue color keeps summer nights cooler
  • No additional additives or chemicals needed to maintain flame – just add more when it begins to die down
  • Great for use in outdoor fireplaces, campfires and other open fires.


  • Not recommended for indoor fireplaces or other closed off areas because of the increased infrared radiation (heat) reflection.


Yes. These fire pit additives are a safe and effective way to enjoy the warmth of an open flame without any harmful chemicals or additional materials needed.

One of the most popular options to choose from is fire glass. This material has a unique ability that allows it to remain cool on top while you enjoy your warm and glowing fire below. There are many different colors and types of this product available, which makes it easy for every individual to find something they like or prefer. It can be difficult at times to know what size will work best in each type of pit as well as where you should actually place them inside the pit itself (if there’s room). Let’s take a closer look at some more information regarding these things so we can make sure our buying experience goes smoothly!

What is a Fire Glass for Fire Pits?

Fire glass is a great way to update the look of your outdoor space. Fire Glass for fire pits also provides an entirely new set of benefits and advantages you can’t find with traditional wood fires or those that use other fuel sources. The primary benefit of using this product instead of another material, like lava rock (which we will discuss in detail below) is its size and composition. As it turns out, these two factors play major roles when determining which type should be used – how big the rocks are and what they’re made from affect their performance as well as safety purposes.

Why You Need A Fire Glass for Fire Pits?

Fire glass is made from special rocks that are designed to withstand high temperatures without any damage.

  • It comes in many different colors and gives your fire pit a beautiful, colorful glow when it’s on.
  • Fire glass is often used in outdoor fire pits and fire places because it’s safe for the environment.
  • You can find out more about different types of fireplace glass here.
  • If you have an outdoor fire pit, adding glass rocks to it is a great way to enhance the aesthetic.
  • If you are unsure of what kind of fireplace glass for your backyard fire place or indoor hearth that will suit your needs best, then read this guide here.
  • Fire glass is great for both outdoor and indoor fire pits.
  • If you are looking to buy fireplace rocks or perhaps even a new gas insert, it’s important that you read this guide before making your purchase.
  • If you have an older fire pit with rust on the bottom, then adding some heat resistant stones will protect the metal from damage due to high temperatures.
  • Be sure you know what kind of glass rocks your fire pit can handle before adding them.
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How to Choose the Fire Glass for Fire Pits?

To choose the right fire glass for your needs, you must first understand what types of materials can be used in a fireplace – and there are many to chose from. While some people prefer sand or rocks as an alternative, most opt for natural stone, such as granite or travertine. Some may even use marble chips that look great with flames dancing around them!

  • Before you purchase fire glass, do some research on the different types available.
  • Also consider how much weight your fireplace can hold before it breaks or collapses under the pressure. This will be an important consideration when making a choice between sand and natural stone!
  • If you’re not sure where to start looking for these materials, don’t worry – there are plenty of options online that provide excellent suggestions based on type of fireplace and needs.

How To Find Cheap Fire Glass?

When looking for cheap fire glass there are certain things people should keep in mind such as:

  • The amount of money one has available at any given moment may be limited by their budget so they need not consider expensive options right away if they cannot afford them yet. If this is the case then perhaps start with cheaper items until more funds become available.
  • Another factor to consider is the amount of glass that needs to be purchased. If there are a lot of rocks or other objects in need of replacement then this will require more fire glass and thus some sort of bulk order which can lead people into purchasing larger amounts at once rather than smaller amounts on multiple occasions over time.
  • There may also be some options depending on what type brand one has already invested their money into such as Blackfire, Lava Rock Glass, Basaltic Rocks for Fireplaces so they should look at these brands first before others if possible because it would likely save them money by doing so since many times materials from different brands work best together so they don’t have to purchase everything again once only certain items are replaced.

The Benefits of Fire Glass

One popular benefit of fire glass is its ability to be used in all different types of fireplace designs, whether they’re traditional or modern. This allows for people to have an easier time finding what works best with their home décor which can otherwise pose a problem when trying to choose the right material without knowing enough about them beforehand.

  • It provides this advantage by allowing individuals who want change from one design to another simply switch out the old rocks and replace them with new ones that suit their needs better as opposed to having to pay someone else thousands of dollars just so they could make those changes for you! In addition it also has many other benefits such as:
  • Providing much more aesthetic appeal than other types of alternative materials such as sand and rocks.
  • It allows for a more naturalistic look by being made from actual stone which is earthy, rugged but refined at the same time.
  • Rocks have been known to give off negative ions when burned so they can be great for purifying indoor air environments while also releasing a lot of heat into your home or office space due to them being able to stay hot much longer compared with any other type of material, including gas logs!
  • In addition it provides better odor control because smoke does not easily stick onto glass unlike some other materials making it easier to keep clean in between uses without having an unpleasant smell that may linger even after cleaning has.

How to use a Fire Glass for Fire Pits?

You can use fire glass for a fireplace or fire pit. For the following, you will need to find out your fireplace size before purchasing as most companies have different sized bags of ceramic material that is suitable for the type of appliance which you own. If this information is not available from the company then it is important that you measure correctly and purchase accordingly otherwise there could be an issue with having enough product in one bag or too much product which leads to waste.

The first thing to do when choosing fire glass for your fireplace or fire pit is to decide how “blingy” you want it! Fire pits are great outdoor heaters but they also look very nice at night time so if people are coming over during winter evenings its worth considering how nice you need it to look which will reflect the amount of money that you are prepared to spend. If your just looking for a functional fireplace without much bling then there is no reason why an open fire with normal logs isn’t good enough especially if its just for yourself or one other person in order to heat up the room when needed.

The next step after this is to work out how big your fire pit / fireplace opening actually is and whether you want it filled right up (in some cases where space might be limited) or do you like having lots of air around the glass so that it sparkles more? This will also depend on what type of material your using; many types come in different sizes but they all have a recommended amount that they should be filled to. If you like the full look then its best if your fire pit is deep and has an adjustable grate (there are many variations on these types available) but if space isn’t really at a premium then it can be nice to have lots of air around the glass for maximum sparkle!

Once this decision has been made, depending on what type of material your using (there are different grades usually with prices reflecting quality), you need to make sure that there is enough product in one bag; most companies will provide information about how much their bags contain so check before buying any more otherwise delivery charges may apply or deliveries could take longer than expected resulting in waste which means extra costs again.

Once you have all the information about what type of product to use, how much it should be filled to and where its going then your ready for a successful installation which will look great!

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Environmental Protection

One of the main reasons people love using fire glass is because it’s environmentally friendly. Wood and other fuel sources can emit harmful particles into your air, which you breathe in while enjoying a warm evening outside with friends or family members. Fire glass does not create this type of pollution because less than five percent of its weight generates ash when burned within an enclosed space such as a fireplace or fire pit.

The waste product from burning wood increases dramatically after closure spaces are introduced to the mix. If every household replaced their traditional log fires for ones that use fire pits and contained fires that used alternative fuels like gas instead, we would save billions liters of water annually across America alone!

Fire glass is also better for the environment because it can be reused. This means that you are not constantly producing waste by throwing away old fire pits to buy new ones, which results in fewer trees being cut down and greater air quality globally.

Safety Tips

  • Do not add fire glass to a gas-burning fireplace. The heat could be too hot and it will damage your fireplace or chimney.
  • Be sure to have proper ventilation when using any type of flame, especially from burning wood in the outdoors.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Make sure you know how to use it and that everyone who is around knows as well!
  • Do not use fire glass within a fireplace if you have had it professionally measured and installed. A professional is the only one capable of ensuring everything is done correctly with your personal fireplace!
  • Avoid using fire glass with a wood-burning fireplace as well. This is because the heat from those flames may not be high enough to properly combust the fire glass, which could lead to unsafe levels of CO in your home.
  • Do not leave the fire pit unattended when in use, especially with children or pets around. Make sure everyone knows to stay away from open flames and hot glass!
GASPRO 20 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit, 1/2-Inch Reflective Fireplace Glass Rocks for Fire Pit Table, Cobalt Blue
  • 【Perfect Upgrade】 Awesome alternative of the normal lava rock, giving off more heat & adding...
  • 【Sparkly and Mesmerizing】 With gorgeous mirrored surface, shines in daytime and looks like...
  • 【Stunning Flames】 Vibrant blue color, glistens glamorous dancing light and creates calming...
  • 【Wide Application】Does a wonderful job of covering the entire floor of a fire feature,...
  • 【Decent Quality】 Not melt, degrade or pop, while also emits no ash/smoke, clean enough and ideal...


What is the best fire pit?

The most common type of outdoor fireplace, a gas fire pit emits flames from natural or propane gas. Fire glass can be used with this style as well, but there are some important factors to keep in mind if going down that route. First and foremost – safety. A typical home has about 12 feet above ground between where you sit around your fire pit and the bottom of any overhead power lines (assuming no trees). If using a lot of large pieces of quartzite or granite for example for decorative purposes on top of it, those will need to go up at least 20 feet off the ground before they're safe from contact under normal conditions. There's also risk involved when working with cutting gas lines, so if you're not experienced with that then it's best to have a professional do the installation.

What are fire pits made of?

There are many different materials used for making outdoor fireplace designs, but perhaps one of the more versatile options is steel. It’s strong yet lightweight plus corrosion resistant which makes it perfect for even salty coastal conditions or lake side locations where salt water can create rapid oxidation on other metals over time. Steel also resists heat extremely well and takes little maintenance compared to others like wood burning stoves which require regular cleaning especially during winter months when they're typically in use most often as opposed to an open flame pit that gets doused by rain frequently throughout each season instead. If someone does choose to add a fire pit table with granite or quartzite stone on top of the steel frame for example, it’s best to stick with one that has an iron base and is finished in black which helps give off more heat than other darker colors.

What's better: gas or wood burning?

While there are many benefits offered by both types of outdoor fireplace designs, each type does have its pros and cons. Wood burning stoves typically last longer while requiring less maintenance work overall during their lifetime compared to gas because they don't use any fuel except small pieces of kindling from time to time after being lit initially without needing much else besides regular cleaning every now and then – usually not even once per month depending on how often it's used. Gas, on the other hand, typically has a shorter lifespan but is easier to operate and maintain more regularly because there are no ashes or fumes to clean up afterwards, plus they require less time investment overall during their lifetime compared to wood stoves too – usually not even once per week depending on how often it's used.

How big should my fire pit be?

The best size for most outdoor fireplace designs will depend largely on what you're using it for of course aside from just aesthetics which can vary greatly by person based on personal tastes alone. For example if using the fireplace mainly as an alternative heat source then opting for one that helps retain warmth better with large stones like quartzite would be considered ideal so the heat output is distributed evenly. On the other hand if using it mainly for entertainment purposes like hosting family gatherings or parties, then something smaller with a flat surface instead of rocks would be better suited to make room for food and drinks while still providing adequate warmth during colder months in most regions.

How many fire pit stones do I need?

This will depend largely on personal preferences based on what you're planning to use your outdoor fireplace design for as well since there are multiple options available depending on needs too. The more quartzite flame glass pieces used at once, the brighter each stone will glow when illuminated by flames so that's one way to go about deciding but keep in mind also that larger mean less visibility overall which may not be ideal depending on the space available. If maybe only using it to light up a small porch or patio area, then purchasing one that has less overall stones will help save money overall instead since there are no significant benefits otherwise so buying more than needed pays off in this case.

What's better: rock fire pit tables or gas?

For those who want an alternative heat source but also enjoy entertaining outside during warmer months too for example hosting family gatherings or parties where open flame fires can be dangerous due to wind gusts blowing out flames and sparks towards guests seated nearby, opting for something like propane is usually best because they're easy enough to turn on and off with push button ignition plus require very little maintenance over time compared to wood or gas burning stoves, plus they also have a much shorter lifespan too. Another benefit of propane is that there are no ashes or fumes to clean up afterwards like with wood burning types either so it's more convenient overall for those who don't want as much work involved after hosting gatherings outside.

What kind of fire pit cover should I get?

The best option will depend on your personal preferences and needs again based on what you plan to use the outdoor fireplace design for most often because not all covers serve the same purpose despite helping protect from rain and snow in addition to shielding against debris falling inside during windy days which can throw things around if lid isn't secured properly beforehand. The two main reasons why people choose covers though are because they help protect from rain and snow which is the main reason why covers exist and to keep debris out during windy days so it doesn't blow things around too much if lid isn't secured properly beforehand.

What's the best way to clean a stone fire pit?

The best method will depend on personal preferences as well as what you're using your outdoor fireplace design for most often, but there are multiple options including natural cleaners like baking soda plus salt mixed together in equal parts with enough water added to form a thick paste that can be scrubbed onto stones gently then rinsed thoroughly afterwards or even just plain old dish soap combined with hot water (not boiling). Another alternative cleaner worth trying is liquid laundry detergent diluted with water at a ratio of roughly one gallon to two cups since it can be sprayed on then wiped clean afterwards, but keep in mind that the stones will look like natural soapstone once dry instead if this is used.


We hope that this guide has helped you learn more about fire pit glass and what to look for when buying it. It is important to consider the size of your fire pit, how much heat it produces, amount of time you’ll be burning fires in it, and where you live before choosing a type or brand of glass. If possible find somewhere local that sells different types so that you can actually see them with your own eyes instead of just looking at pictures online. Once these factors are taken into consideration go ahead and choose which one will best suit your needs!